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Re: Attention Denizens of Arizona

@Lindsays Grandma wrote:

When one lives in the conditions as we here in Arizona do, we live accordingly.  Anyone who exposures themselves to the heat is foolish and has no one but themselves to blame if they get sick.

Ain't that the truth! I just can't believe these people who decide to go hiking when it's 110. Then they get lost or overcome with the heat and have to be rescued. There really should be a "stupid hiker law" like we have the "stupid driver law" for people who drive through water during monsoon.


My DH has looking all over town for cherry tomato plants for his garden and being told they won't be in til it cools down some.


Me, I'm sitting in the air conditioning getting over a mild case of shingles.

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Re: Attention Denizens of Arizona

My thermometer outside shows it's getting close to 99'....ugh!



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Re: Attention Denizens of Arizona

@froggy  Sorry about the shingles, hope you are all better soon.  At least it's a "mild case, right?" Woman Wink

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Re: Attention Denizens of Arizona

Yeo living here for 15yrs you learn real fast to adjust. early morning or late evenings. I will say Dec thru Feb we don't shovel the snow. Get on the electric budget, it can go to around $400 a month in summer for a/c. You learn how to deal. Only the strong survive in summer. rather this than the snow 

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Re: Attention Denizens of Arizona

I made plans a few weeks ago to visit a friend in Tucson this weekend. Now I see that it will be 114 there on Saturday! Yikes! i will get there early and we will try to go to a craft show by 10. We have tickets for a movie in the afternoon and will spend the evening at her home and order in dinner.


I will never understand it when I see people out running in the afternoons. That is insane. If I didn't get my dog out for her walk by 6:30, it didn't happen that day. 


But, this is exceptionaly hot and puts us in major fire danger.