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Re: Are you on the hit list?

It just floors me that people fall for these scams!

It isn’t how long you live that matters; it is how well prepared you are to die. ~~Colonel Robert B. Theme, Jr.
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Re: Are you on the hit list?

Before there were scammers (yes, I'm THAT old) I used to get annoyed by the general phone calls from companies offering their services.


Suddenly, my "brother-in-law" became an expert in everything!  He sold insurance, installed windows, did our taxes and yardwork or whatever else they were selling.


Gotta admit I did have some fun (before we got our phone with call-block) with the "Microsoft employees". 


Sometimes I told them we don't run MS, but Linux; or pretended I misunderstood and told them I just had new windows installed in my house.  Or told them we didn't have electricity.  Or just asked them to hold for a minute...and walk away for awhile.


You don't WANT to know what I could come up with these assassination guys.

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Re: Are you on the hit list?

oh my gosh, what next, those scams are terrible. anything to make a fast buck without working