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This board has been my go to for many years to help center me and know that there are others like me. Even by just reading and not posting.
  I have anxiety and panic attacks and have for 30 + years.
I've been to my primary, ER, endochronologist and currently wearing a heart holter for 10 days to rule out heart. (Although ER did rule that out).
My heart feel like it races, I am on high alert, and I think I am ill when I'm not according to the doctors.  The state of the world frightens me.
I do take anti anxiety meds but they haven't been working for the past month. I spray lavender on my pillow, I do the slow breathing. 

I'm at my wits end.
What has helped you with panic attacks?

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I came across an article in Woman's World where a woman who had panic atttacks for thirty years devised a  formula to help herself.  You can read the article and see if her

product can help you.  I haven't tried it.   It's worth a look.  Panic Aide dot com 


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@kinda silly, I not an expert in any form of counseling, but one thing you stated stands out to me.  That was “The state of the world frightens me.” 


I have no idea, but perhaps you may be watching too much news.  It’s fine to keep up with what is going on, but after a while a person can get quite anxious - the news is on tv 24 hours a day, etc.  Just a thought.


Wishing you success in your journey to cut down on your anxiety.



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Re: Anxiety help

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I am so sorry you've been struggling.


Some options off the top of my head:

stay away from all news, crime drama shows, etc

look at the blue sky (decreases heartrate)

play calming/uplifting music

read postitive affirmations

stop saying you 'have anxiety' (it only reinforces what you don't want)

declutter your house

eft (emotional freedom technique)

rescue remedy (spray and/or lozenges)

if you're religious - prayer, scriptures


I'll chime back in if anything else comes to mind. (hugs)



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@kinda silly 



Are you under the care of a psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse practitioner for the anxiety? They are the medical professionals who know the most about these medications.

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@kinda silly Just know that you aren't alone. I have struggled with anxiety disorder and panic attacks since I was 19 years old. What is frightening is that they can come on anytime and anywhere for no obvious reason. Sometimes breathing into a paper bag helps. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes breathing exercises help and sometimes they don't. Truly the only thing that works every time and relatively quickly is Xanax. I rarely use it. But just knowing I have it available seems to keep me from going off the edge. I know that none of that will be helpful to you. I will be interested in the replies that you receive and hope you find something that will help you!
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If you don't mind me saying, I have said a prayer to the Lord for you. I sincerely hope you get better. Best wishes. 

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@kinda silly   I do not suffer from any type of anxiety, but if there is nothing physical causing the racing heart, etc.  I would suggest talk therapy.


I read years ago that no anxiety/depression medication should be taken with out some form of talking with a professional...It sure cannot hurt.  


I have a friend that has been on xanax for over 20 years....her doctor is leaving the practice and she was told if she wants to continue on the medication she must see a psychiatrist.


Good luck to you

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I am curious @kinda silly  who ordered your medication. Was it your primary care physician, or a psychiatrist?   

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Thank you so much for your prayers.