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@kinda silly I wish I could give you a hug!


My panic attacks are not as bad as yours. I find that a sense of loss triggers mine or when I feel trapped. I do not take any medications, I let time heal it and it does eventually. 


When I'm going through one I have to walk around, can't sleep or sit still. I do this until I'm so tired I fall sleep. Maybe incorporating more exercise into your day would help a bit. I don't know, everyone is different. Please take care.



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oh - one more

ashwagandha (herb supplement)

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Thank you all. You are so very helpful. I have been under the care of a physician and a psych nurse practitioner and even had one of those tests that shows levels of meds and efficacy. 
I forgot to mention that the doctor thinks it may be exacerbated by menopause or peri menopause or sleep apnea. I will be going for a sleep study if insurance approves. 
I'm going to look into all of your suggestions. 

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Re: Anxiety help

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@kinda silly  I had panic attacks when my father died, my child went to college 3,000 miles away, and my mother got ill all within 2.5 years. I realized I was the only family member on the West coast to take care of my mother...and if anything happened to me, there was only myself to rely on.


I used to meet friends for lunch, go shopping, go to movies, before the above happened. But then when I went out, I was afraid something would happen so I wouldn't be able to get back home. I had panic attacks when I was out, but I never told anyone.


I bought a new car, thinking that would make me feel more secure when I went out. It may have helped a little. But inside I knew that it was because I felt alone and away from my family, had already buried my father, and it wouldn't be long before my mother would pass. And my DH and my BFF on the West coast passed unexpectedly, too.


What helped? idk, maybe nothing. Maybe crying the stress out. Leaving the TV on all the time. I tried relaxing my muscles from head to toe at bedtime. Working a lot of hours. Continuing to write my novels. But I never shared that I was having panic attacks, and that might have helped. I commend you for sharing. You'll be okay.


Then along came the pandemic a couple years after my mom died, and I was in the house for 2 years and my 18 year old fur baby companion passed in summer 2021. Even though I moved across the country this spring to be near my family, I still don't go out unless I absolutely have to.


I'm embarrassed to say that I have less than 40 miles on my car since I moved here in April. My child comes here and my SIL picks me up...I've never told them I can't go out on my own. Sometimes I make excuses & stay home. I feel lost living in a very small town setting, almost countryside, and miss living near a big city with nearby conveniences.


I think my key word is "lost." I felt lost & alone on the West coast and feel lost here.


So, maybe knowing that you're not alone with panic attacks helps. I hope it will help you.

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Re: Anxiety help

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@kinda silly   If possible try to find a Tai chi class. There are many forms and I have made 24 form my own. 
  After learning each movement they can be done without thinking. The movements flow and are calming. You can't think of anything but the moving. 
   An advanced instructor told me to do it in my mind when stressed. If I can't sleep even after prayer I'll do Tai chi in my mind. I've even done it in doctors offices, the dentist. Etc.  It helped me through my husbands cancer. 
    My husband had panic attacks from two years in Vietnam. He finally got Paxil which calmed him when he took it.  He never did Tai chi, he didn't have the patience. 
   I hope you find some help for your attacks. Without medication would be wonderful!  Edited ! Sleep apnea can cause stress in the heart! My husband had it as does my son, definitely have a sleep test and get a c pap machine. 
    🧘🏼‍♀️ 🧘🏼 🧘🏼‍♂️ 🥋🫶🏼

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I have them but were never prescribed any meds for them.  Use to feel comfortable coming here but now this board only gives me anxiety.  Too many meanies.

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Re: Anxiety help

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a couple more:

chamomile tea

calming the child roll on from plant therapy (dot) com - roll it on your feet ($11)


Calming the Child is loved by children and adults alike for its ability to help promote a tranquil atmosphere during the day or before bedtime. With the sweet, soothing scents of Green Mandarin, Tangerine and Lavender and the relaxing aroma of Roman  Chamomile, Calming the Child is a natural, safe way to ease in to sleep or to slow revved-up minds and emotions. Plus it smells amazing!

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Re: Anxiety help

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@kinda silly wrote:

This board has been my go to for many years to help center me and know that there are others like me. Even by just reading and not posting.
  I have anxiety and panic attacks and have for 30 + years.
I've been to my primary, ER, endochronologist and currently wearing a heart holter for 10 days to rule out heart. (Although ER did rule that out).
My heart feel like it races, I am on high alert, and I think I am ill when I'm not according to the doctors.  The state of the world frightens me.
I do take anti anxiety meds but they haven't been working for the past month. I spray lavender on my pillow, I do the slow breathing. 

I'm at my wits end.
What has helped you with panic attacks?

Shoekitty said,  anxiety comes in all forms and non would I wish on anyone. I had a medical issue that led to anxiety and panic attacks. I was on blood thinners at the time and other meds that wouldn't allow me safely to use antidepressants or most anxiety meds. The only thing that helped for me was CBT.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Look into it. I went to a therapist that specialized in CBT, but they did use a referance book called FEELING GREAT, by David Burns.  You can buy the book on Amazon. It has worksheets. Also audible has the book. I also used the CALM app and there are many anxiety and panic attack  meditations and lectures   Tamara levitt on calm has some amazing lectures and meditations on there  to listen to. Some you listen and work you thru an attack. It helped.  Sometimes it takes a couple months before tou notice things are easing. CBT worked the most and quickest for me.  I wish you luck.remember panic attacks and anxiety ruminations are just thoughts. Stinkin thinkin lol to quote Stewart.  But it is true. CBT teaches and trains your thoughts away from panic. It is a learned behavior. I would get anxiety then ruminate over and over, which makes things worse.  You learn tools to stop the expansions of these thoughts in their tracks. 

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There are other health issues perhaps that might be lending to the racing heart--thyroid is the first that comes to mind.

I know some that the racing heart issue was the first signal to a thyroid hormone inbalance. 

Others have mentioned to not listen to the news. 

My husband and I have turned off the news. We know what is going on in the world but it is a treat not to listen or watch the 24/7 news cycle that is now going on in the world.


Sleep is important and not getting enough does add to anxiety.

Doing yoga and doing acupuncture or listening to a guided imagery cd does a lot to calm or lower your anxiety. These are what some I know have done and they have done so much to quiet them.


Wishing you the best.

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@reviewer from sc wrote:

If you don't mind me saying, I have said a prayer to the Lord for you. I sincerely hope you get better. Best wishes. 

How extremely thoughtful of you!