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@Jordan2    Happy Thanksgiving!  You have a good attitude!  Thinking of you.  I am not alone today, but it is just the two of us.  We will still have a good day.  ❤️❤️.  (((Hugs)))

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I am alone too ... it's me & my fur baby Lola... she is all I need ... I love her so much!!!
HAPPY Thanksgiving to you 🦃🦃🦃
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Happy T. Day!  Your feast sounds great!  DH and I are having our feast - just the two of us.  We all need to make the most of what we have and appreciate each and every day!  

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Have a wonderful day and meal, and more power to you!!! Good job!

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Thanksgiving After Divorce: 10 New Turkey Time Traditions after Divorce -  Aurit Mediation

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@Jordan2   Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Ours just got canceled a half hour ago. My daughter was having it but she and  our sweet little 5 month old great-grandson have come down with RVC virus.  We only live 5 minutes away so she is sending food over by way of grandson and I am sending the food I made yesterday (for today)  back to them.  Guess we will be napping a lot today!  

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Enjoy your day alone, @Jordan2. If I was alone today, I'd watch the West Wing marathon on HLN the entire 24 hours. How's that for laziness?!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Whatever you're doing this day, I hope it's fun for you.
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I am alone as I've been widowed for many years.  I will be volunteering at my local Salvation Army serving Thanksgiving dinner to hundreds of those less fortunate than me.  I always get much more than I give.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Alone as well! Will deliver ready made Thanksgiving meals to 4 housebound seniors in the morning! After 2pm I'll have my Thanksgiving meal from a local restaurant and my favorite desert, a fruit tart. thankful for a nice, quiet day and the ability to offer a little help to others less fortunate. 

Have a great Thanksgiving whether you're alone or with family!`

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Re: Alone For Thanksgiving

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Yes, we have to be careful about ordering "stuff" before being away!  I had to ask a neighbor to get a package off my porch recently when we were gone. There might be a limit on the time Amazon locker will hold your packages. Have a wonderful trip. 

Good for all of you singles for making yourselves happy. Weather permitting, get out for a walk, wave to Neighbors, call friends, even a run to an open market can be nice. A little human contact is good.