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@Kachina624 wrote:

Be very, very careful about choosing the man you select to marry.  Your choice will determine the course and quality of the rest of your life.



God where were those "words of advice" when I was 20 and didn't listen to my dad who pleaded with me...


today, I still hear his words!!! 

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Don't get married because you think you are getting too old. Hold out for that special person no matter how long it takes.

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Don't over-do anything/everything. 


Including running, jogging, extreme assaults on joints, knees, etc.


Be careful, no matter what and where. 



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SUNSCREEN - the tan looks great as a youngin, but the damage is done and done it is!!!!!

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I was in college at the time, and I'd tell myself to stay away from a guy who had a bad temper and a bad family life. I'd also advise my parents to speak up about their instincts about that guy. BTW - the marriage ended in divorce.....thankfully.

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Oh my goodness!  So many things -- too many to mention!  One thing right off --- focus!  I had no real focus!  I wish I would have taken control of my own life and not let others dictate it.  I wish I would have given myself more credit.  I had no self-confidence, did not really believe I could do much of anything.  I had no real guidance or support.  I put thoughts of what I wanted and liked and dreamed of behind me at such a young age.  I should have allowed myself to be more selfish and put myself first.  I don't think I have ever done that!  If I could give advice to 20 year olds now -- it would be --- go for it --- don't let people hold you back or stand in your way!  It's now or never.  Life is short. 

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For the most part I agree with the other poster that said their life experiences are what made them who they are today. 


The advice I would give (and it would have been way after 20 and after my divorce) is that when you unexpectedly have "the one" cross your path, find a way to make it work. In my 53 years that has only happened to me once, and I will probably kick myself over my own actions for another decade or two. 


Oh! And appreciate the value of those that truly have your back. It might not always be the ones you expect, but that quality is rare and it is to be cherished.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Be very, very careful about choosing the man you select to marry.  Your choice will determine the course and quality of the rest of your life.



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To learn gratitude and being content with what I have and not comparing myself to others. I wish I had developed that at a younger age. 
Also, not to let other people control how I feel about myself and 
To be gentle with myself and not let my internal critic take up so much head space. 

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I would tell myself that my needs mattered too.  I was the one who gave up on dreams and needs for myself to give my husband (now an ex) and my 3 kids what they needed and wanted.  We put my my 3 kids in braces even though I needed them more than they did.  I wanted to become a teacher but never did because my husband, even though he was a good provider, played even harder on this his time off.  He was into hunting, fishing.  He was gone a lot of the weekends and spend money on gear,

toys and pickups.

 I waited until my twin girls were in college to leave him because I thought it would be better for my kids.  By that time, I was clinically depressed.  I realize that no can can take advantage of you unless you let them, so I know it is my fault.