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Keep exercising everyday even if you hate doing it.


Take care of your teeth. Avoid sweets. Get more dental cleanings and ask for something when it hurts so much. Get some type of artificial tooth replacement if you have to have a tooth pulled. Only let endodontists do your root canals.


Avoid environmental toxins in my home. Avoid flame retardants in my upholstered furniture. Avoid cooking with nonstick cookware. Avoid plastics for food cooking. Avoid VOCs. Avoid all the toxic ingredients and chemicals I know about and am trying to avoid now. 

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@catter wrote:

Along with others have said, I'd never have gotten married, ever.

     Me too.  Been married twice.  Both were good marriages to men I loved.   But I was single a long time between both and I'm just better/happier living alone.  

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@ViolaM  I would tell my 20-year old self (and hope that I would take it to heart) that you can learn from the mistakes of others for free, or you can learn from your own mistakes that can cost you dearly.  I would also tell the 20 year old to take a money management class and not get into credit card debt. 


As a high school business teacher, I taught money management.  Everyone who knew what I taught thought it was great except for administraiton.  Go figure.

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Spend less, save more.

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Put money into a retirement plan.

Take extra care of your bones (joints, too) and teeth.

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My 20 year old self would have neither complied nor comprehended.  We only get smart afterwards.

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@ViolaM  Great question! I'd have more fun in college and not take it so seriously; start earlier to save for retirement; learned to drive a forklift; not let my mom run my life.

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@ViolaM wrote:
Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 20 year old self?

@ViolaM   I would keep it simple.  Realize that life may throw you a curve or two...but you will survive.  

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No advice  from me to my 20 year old self.  I am where I am because of what I went through good and bad.   Would not change a thing except to take better care of my teeth...if I only knew....


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Step away from the Pepsi, young woman.