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DH & I have been invited to his aunt's 95th birthday.  The invitation says "no gifts", and I would like to honor that request, but I don't think DH would agree with me.  I feel a little something would be nice, but don't have a clue.  Aunt is in a convalescent home and really has no need for money.  Any suggestions that would be appropriate and not over the top.  

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Show respect by honoring the gift.

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Maybe you could give a donation to her nursing home in her name.

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I agree, don't bring a gift to the party.  Maybe the week before, drop in on her at the home and visit.  Does she have a sweet tooth, favorite tea, hobby, bath wash?  I'd go along those lines.

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First thing that came to mind was a pretty Luminera candle maybe with a candle ring.  The 3in ones don't take up much room.  The new ones have your choice of timers so it could go on for a few hrs for her to enjoy then auto off.  No muss no fuss and as little as 4 hrs on,

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@Coffeedrinker You want to honor her wish for no gifts...but you're thinking about what gift would be nice?


Why not ask your DH if he is on board with honoring the "no gifts" request before you starts shopping. He mght surprise you.

And then what will you do? 

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 If you have some photographs of her and family that you could put in a small frame or book it would be meaningful and not actually a bought gift. 

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Re: 95th Birthday Invite

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A room in a convalescent home is usually tiny....and often shared with another person.  I would definitely NOT do a gift...she won't have space, and stuff will just end up going home with relatives.  

Definitely a nice card with a note inside that you will make arrangements to either pick her up and take her out to lunch in a week or two....or if she can't go out, find out what she can eat and bring lunch in to have with her there.  Your time and visit will be a wonderful gift!

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I was taught never to go “empty-handed” but this one is difficult and also such a blessed occasion.

Are y’all close?  Maybe a framed photo of a special moment in time together.  A beautiful card with a handwritten poem or message. And, there’s always fresh floral offerings even a bud vase. I have a favorite that had been my mother’s that was a small music box.

Good luck.

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A beautiful card with a small teddy bear?


A cupcake with sprinkles, a single rose? Just some simple ideas.