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How horrible.  I'm glad I couldn't read the whole thing.

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Re: 4 from one family :(

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 @Spacrazy  I miss my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I will miss my older grandsons second birthday...but I wrapped all of his gifts and put them in a huge bag. They are supposed to move to South Dakota in June, long way from VA! 
  I've been texting my 12 year old granddaughter. Her schools out for two weeks and she's loaded with work online. (I bet it's longer than two weeks! A child younger than 10 in the next county just got the virus and there are more daily here. 

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Truly is sad and devastating for that in just one family. And with some of the others being sick and a couple of them critical. Smiley EmbarassedSmiley Sad

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My heart breaks for them.  Absolutely devastating.  I saw two family members interviewed on tv last night.  They've requested that their senator fast track their test results.  I do hope when all this has passed, someone will do a study to find out if this family had something that made them more susceptible to the virus resulting in such a dire outcome for so many members.  

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Hi @1Snickers and thank you for reaching out.  Yes, these are hard times but I know your sweet grands love and appreciate having you in their lives and will enjoy their texts and packages from you. 

All of mine are grown but they’ll always be my babies.

I’m jealous that you have a great grandchild and looking forward to welcoming one in my life.

We’re lucky to have the technology we have today so we can stay in touch and stay up to date. It’s hard staying home but I know it’s worth it and prayers for us all in this time of challenges.