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4 from one family :(

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4 dead from the virus from one family! Man Sad  I cant even imagine how devastating this would be! Man Sad


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Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

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Re: 4 from one family :(

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4 dead from the virus from one family! Man Sad


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Heartbreaking. So very heartbreaking. And it is just getting strated.

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So sad. I’ve been following this story most of the day and it is heartbreaking.

I have been missing my family very much this week (especially my grands) and we all live on the same land but I know we’re doing the best we can by staying home.

Counting our blessings and praying for this precious family.

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I am saddened beyond words to learn of this.😥  My heart aches for that poor family, and I cannot begin to imagine their magnitude of grief! My deepest thoughts and prayers of solace and healing, go out to the ENTIRE family! 



~~~All we need is LOVE and HUGS today💖🤗

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I am just thankful that the matriarch passed away not knowing that some of her children had died.  That she didn't have that as her final memory. 

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20 other relatives in isolation.  What a very sad situation for this family.

I cannot even begin to imagine how they will cope.


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The father worked as a trainer at Yonkers Racetrack

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Prayers for everyone in the world.

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May their souls rest in peace.


Such a devastating tragedy.  We've heard that they all attended a family funeral prior to being diagnosed.   If so, more evidence that someone with no symptoms can still carry the virus.


Prayers for all of them.