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I have read every one of her books, and although this wasn't typical of her writing, I still really enjoyed it. I wanted to see what happened to these people, and I thought the characters were very interesting. 

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I had not even heard of this book until I saw the threads in the last couple of weeks.  So, I have put it on hold at the Library to give it a shot.  Like most of my fellow readers I enjoy all her works.  It did take me three start times on Truly Madly ect... to finally finish that book, but I was determined.  We shall see with this one when I get the call my turn is at hand.

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@Alter Ego wrote:
Not sure where I read this (so take it with a grain of salt), but Frances is the most like Moriarty herself. Same age and profession. Attitude probably too. Somewhere I thought she commented on it.


That's cool.  The only thing I know about her, which I read in an interview when Nine Perfect Strangers came out, is that her husband is a house-husband and she's really grateful he stays home and takes care of the kids so she can do book tours.  Thta's cool too.