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Do you remember a few weeks back when I told you about our trip to a friend’s beach house? Well, the last night of that trip we got a call from a courageous, beautiful woman who told us she was in labor and our son was about to be born. We woke our sleepy girls at 1:30 am and loaded Gourdie in the car and drove straight to Philly, arriving an hour after the infant she carried for nine months, took his first breath. 



// photo: brooke pitone //


We met his birth mother three weeks earlier, but because of so many miscarriages and a devastating failed adoption that left us nearly destroyed, over the last four years, we were cautious about this adoption. We weren't convinced we would give Grace and Georgia a sibling until he or she was home. 



// photo: brooke pitone //


We spent that night after he was born in the hospital sleeping a couple hours at a time in a storage room off the nursery, never letting Ben's little body feel the absence of loving arms.  We began to bond with this baby, the most important part of adoption being that first year. The hospital was quite surprised we wanted to stay and because we were adoptive parents we didn’t get a room or many rights. But we weren't leaving him. 




He was our baby.














The next day, I held on to his birth mother and cried with her one more time as she said goodbye and Ben came home with us. Two days later while I was back on the air at work, his birth mother signed all the paper work and made me legally, Ben’s mom. Dan and I held Ben and our girls and wept for what Ben had lost, what his birth mother gave up and for the joy that was overflowing in our family at that moment.  



So happy, and so sad at the same time.




In Pennsylvania there is a 30 day waiting period after an adoption, which is why I haven't been able to share my son with you.  Those 30 days has been brutal. I’ve been a sleepless new mom, in love, in chaos, in awe, and all the time not able to share with my friends or with you while I've been on the air.  




And, oh, how you know I love to share my biggest passion, my family, with all of you.  But, I knew if I told you all Ben had arrived and then something happened and we lost him, I wouldn't be able to face you all again. I couldn't morn that loss on live TV.  I've mourned a lot on TV in my career, but this I couldn't do.  So I came to work for a few days, and held those last thirty sweet rotations of the earth with my three children and my glowing husband in my heart, just waiting for it to overflow onto you all the moment that waiting period was over.  


And praise God, it’s over!


Please say a prayer for this child of mine, and join me in celebrating the goodness of our God. 


Our family is now complete.




Ben Diego, 7lbs 11oz 


The absolute joy of his sisters and his mom and dad’s lives



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// photo: brooke pitone //


I will be taking some time off but I promise to post pictures of Ben and his family on my Facebook page as often as possible.




There is much more to my journey and the world of adoption and I’m sure many of you have questions. Trust that in time I will do my best to answer you.  It’s a story that should be told.  I’m grateful for your kindness and patience in this time. 


God Bless,