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I had no choice but to order from adc, if i wanted it.

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@Carolm  The RA on alldaychemist that is made in India is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. No problems w/quality assurance.


ADC is an honest company to deal with; I have used them in the past. My derm now sells RA from his office at his cost, so I go there for now.

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I use 0.05% of Retina A as  prescribed by a docto (which costs too much money in American and insurance companie want to send generic).....however, if you have any friends or family in Mexico you can get in there for $20 and it is the original Retna A just like the one prescribed in America with American packaging.  When I have someone going to Mexico I ask them to go to a drug store and get  it there for me with NO prescription!

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I recently started getting tretinoin product through Cureology. $19.99 per month and I love the program!

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Has anyone ordered their Retin A from a company called beauty out of Glendale, Ca? If so how were your dealings with them?

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is getting an RX from your Dr an option?


TBH  think about spending  all the money on skin care stuff that may not work vs this