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I am new to Philosophy.  I ordered the Gingerbread Man 3 in 1 and I am thrilled with it.  Used it for all over body cleanser as well as washing my hair with it.  Oh my goodness, my hair felt so clean and silky.  After it air-dried, the bounce and volume was over the top.  Does this happen with all the Philosophy 3 in 1 gels, or just the Gingerbread Man.  I cannot believe I waited so long to try this product.  Any reviews with be helpful.  Thanks!


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@RLH Happy that you like Philosophy shower gels. Warning: as a shampoo, they have sulfates & not safe for color treated hair. I called CS to get that info. That isn't stated during presentations. 


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I've found different experiences with the varying Philosophy 3-in-1 shower gels that I've tried.  Like you, I love Gingerbread Man!  The scent is effervescent, sparkly and clean -- simply marvelous.  My other favorite is Sweet Vanilla Fig -- more of a sensual scent, romantic scent.  They both smell wonderful and, here's the crucial feature for me, they rinse off clean! 


I find some of the other varieties to leave a film on my skin no matter how much I rinse off, so the towel has to wipe off the residue.    I ended up showering again with soap. Those are usually the opaque, milky-colored shower gels.  None of those rinse off clean enough for me.


I have never, and would never use any of them as shampoo, but that's just my personal choice.  Apart from the shower, I love to use them as hand soaps in the bathroom and kitchen.

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I LOVE Philosophy 3-in-1 body washes. There are some I haven't liked the scents of, but most I do and I have a shower full of them. I don't know about hair, though. I don't use shampoo or the 3-in-1 on my hair.

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I love to use Philosophy body washes as shampoo.  I've only tried the creamy ones, not the clear, like GBM.  I have GBM in my shower now, I will try it as a shampoo and report back.  Oddly, I didn't care for the Philosophy shampoo and conditioner set.  Nice lemon scent, but very drying. 

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I actually use the 64oz Amazing Grace and use it in my hair too and I love it.

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I had a 3 in 1 sample a while back that I don't believe I've seen (or smelled) since.

I recall it was definitely one of the Loves but  not any they show in their Q presentations.

Live, love, laugh maybe?

I also really like Snow Angel....

I'm always tempted to try a collection cuz they do make some yummy scents but their products are loaded with all the things every other vendor brags their products don't contain!?

It's too bad Woman Frustrated

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I was in a hurry this morning, so I used my Philosophy Orange Cocoa and Cream shower gel on my hair too. My hair came out so shiny and soft, full of volume with no frizz. I was shocked..thought today would be a ponytail day for sure, lol.

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I was sad to find out a couple of years ago that Philosophy products are not cruelty free:/

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I dont mind using sufates on my color treated hair, if the color fades a little that is OK, since it is often too dark.