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OT: Credit card theft and QVC?

Hi everyone, I have been the victim of credit card theft twice in one month. I am pretty frustrated and am trying to revamp my payments and finances. My husband thinks that QVC is a culprit (storing payment info on their website).

My question is, how do you all feel about QVC's security of your credit card information. If not, how do you handle paying QVC (if at all).

Thanks for any comments I get.

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Re: OT: Credit card theft and QVC?


I only use my debit card, but I appreciate finding your post.  I had a problem with QVC  with some one possibly hacking their computer system and releasing my passcode to the black market.  I received several threatening, disgusting, sexually explicit emails using my passcode.  I do not own a credit card.  I sent an message to QVC security about the breach and they never responded.  I check my bank balance daily.  I will never get a QVC credit card because the bank that issues them is not a reputable bank.  It's a finance company.  The other thing that I think you will understand if you check out their financials, is that they are over-leveraged.  Check it out on line.