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Me to ???? Antonella had great success I want to blog her or ask her??? I bought the save nail kit & great for 3-4 weeks . Nails grew to end of finger finally then remove the oxygen & re apply . Kinda down hill from there. Peeling, all jagged on edges & if I do a chore well forget it their broke peeling thin ???
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Re: My opinion on Julep

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I find that the best solution for weak, peeling, splitting nails is the regular, daily use of a rich oil or cuticle cream.  I don't think the type or brand matters.  I've used coconut, Argan, jojola oils and a variety of cuticle creams....anything to keep nails from drying out.

This is great advice. I use a blend of jojoba and vitamin E oils. I've also found that my nails do better when I use Josie Maran Body Butter on my hands over other hand creams.


My nails are worse in the winter and need extra moisture, so I keep oil and body butter everywhere and use one whenever I'm watching TV, at my desk, after each hand washing, and before bed.


If I also need protection, I like the Nailtiques treatments. Two Plus is good for nails in bad shape. It's a protein formula and overuse can cause nails to become brittle, so I move to a maintenance formula or a moisturizing base coat once my nails are in good shape. Even with polish on, I use the oils and body butter. One day a week I try to go without any polish and keep my nails oiled and buttered up all day.


I use nail polish remover with acetone because it's so much faster than removers without, but I also add oils to my remover, which helps keep it from severely dehydrating nails. And after I use the remover, I wash my hands and butter up.