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Thanks for this thread. I am deciding what to do and getting up the courage! 
I have very dark brown hair with some gray, a few older grown out hilites ( just a couple shades lighter). I want to try one of these lines...
I would rather blend the gray with color lowlights and avoid a distinct line of demarcation.. That's my goal, anyway.   I am not a salon-goer for several reasons. I trim my hair myself and even have done keratin treatments myself!  But I am still working up the confidence to do permanent color!  Best wishes home hairdressers!

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I've used both and would not recommend eSalon. It took my great hair and turned it into straw. I like everything about Madison Reed except the price.  I splurge every few months and really like the cape they have available if that something you're interested in

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I don't know if there are differences but I have been using Trieste Red from Madison Reed for well over a year.  I have very dark brown/black hair with a moderate amount of gray.  The Trieste Red covers the grays and makes my hair look like I've had highlights.  I get many compliments on it too.  I love how everything you need is in that one box.  The color lasts me about 5-6 weeks before I have to do it again.