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Thank you so much!!!!  That sounds like something I should try.  

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Taking a supplement of Sea Buckthorn Oil is also very good for the skin and dryness in all areas, if you are menopausal. it has Omegs 3, 6, 7 and 9. Take the Berry Oil, not the Seed Oil.

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I have always had dry skin and now that I'm almost 70, it is even more so.  I tried Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum followed by the booster serum, Hylamide Low-Molecular HA from, and those two products have made a huge difference in the appearance and comfort level of my complexion. I usually use them in the AM and PM and follow with a moisturizer. Occasionally, I top the serums with an oil.  Squalane from The Ordinary is incredibly rich, but I alternate several different oils (Argon, Jojoba, Rosehip, etc.).  I prefer to add the oil layer when I am home during the day.  


I recently started using Hylamide High-Efficency Face Cleaner and love it, too.