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@freakygirl wrote:

i use the thickening mousse and it's the only brand that works on my hair. 

Same here. Only product I've used from LP, but like it very much, still use it today. I have thick, heavy, wavy hair, but I use it to lift it up, fluff it out from the roots. It's lightweight, not sticky, doesn't coat my hair or weigh it down, but does what's intended...give it body without weight.

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I have tried a lot of their product line and have not been impressed.  Sorry


Save your money and buy some small sample sizes to try before you invest.

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@Baby Hot Sauce wrote:

Has anyone used this hair care line and what do you think? I almost ordered the super size of the new shampoo and conditioner on yesterday. I will wait and see the reviews later on. It is new and for thin hair and it sounded really good and was free of the nasty stuff.


@Baby Hot Sauce    Hi. I tried Living Proof S&C (the one for frizz) & it was very drying on my hair. Definitely not worth the money.

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Im glad for this thread and have wondered about this line of hair care and happy I didnt order anything. They made it sound fantastic of course, like there was nothing like it or as good!

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Take a look at Olaplex instead...

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@Baby Hot Sauce   A couple of years ago I ordered a product from Living Proof and it was suppose to give volume.  It dried my hair out terribly.  I tossed out the product and never bought a product from them again.

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@Baby Hot Sauce  I tried their shampoo and conditioner through Ulta and I must say I was not a happy camper.  The Living Proof made me "living POOF".  My hair also felt dry as a bone to the touch.  Good luck if you decide to try it out.

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@Dusty1 wrote:

I've tried a few things from the line & wasn't happy with any of them. I used the Perfect Shampoo & Conditioner, not the Full line.


I tried several of the products when JA was endorsing them.  To me it was another over priced product that was endorsed by a celebrity with minimal  results.  Might work for some but not for me.

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Wow surprised of the bad reviews I happent to Love LP from the PHD to the no Frizz all good I have very thick long hair enough for two people LOL and it has turned my hair from dull no shine hard to manage split ends to full and shiny and healthy so much I get compliments everyday on how beautiful and healty my hair looks owe it all to Living Proof products give them a try I wont use anything else 

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@Baby Hot Sauce -- It's funny that you asked about Living Proof products.  I was just about to post a message about it.  I've never tried the shampoo or conditioner, but I love the styling products. 


I use WEN cleansing conditioner exclusively.  My hair is short, fine, color treated and thin.  I was also using WEN's mousse every day, but I recently ran out of it.  I was forced to use a sample size of Living Proof's 'Perfect Hair Day' 5-in-1 styling treatment.  Wow!  what a difference.  


I immediately canceled my QVC order for WEN mousse.  Then I went to Ulta and purchased Living Proof's 'Full' thickening cream and 'Perfect Hair Day' styling treatment.  The results are fantastic.  Using just a dime-sized amount of product gives my hair volume, bounce and frizz-control even in the Florida humidity. 


I highly recommend the Living Proof styling products.  You can buy sample sizes at Ulta (probably Sephora too) so it's not a huge commitment to give it a try, and no shipping products back and forth!!