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I'm currently using Burt's Bees and it is ok. I tried Beekman, but it didn't do much. Do any of you have a favorite ? I'm fine with flavored or tinted.



At home, I use SKINN LIP6X balm. It comes in a little jar. It works very well but it is messy, applied with fingers, so it stays home.


At work, I use Beekman sometimes but I find it doesn’t really work very well. I almost always reach for Burt’s Bees. The tinted ones are not as moisturizing as the plain ones. 

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Which jojoba butter did you get from amazon?

Dr. adorable,i think is the name, has not got here yet.

I got it yesterday, it is soft, used on lips last night, but just not sure about this for lips, they are a little dry this morning, but i have had dry lips yet again,on and off this winter.

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My lips get dry and peel in the winter. My lips also become very lined and lip products look terrible when this happens. I started using Biossance Rose Vegan Lip Balm over a year ago. My lips are always soft and smooth. No lines on my lips at all! Unfortunately the product comes in a jar. I just use a spatula or cotton swab to get the product out of the jar. It has no scent or flavor. I am still using the first jar I purchased over a year ago. You need very little product for it to work. It's $18 at Sephora or the Biossance website. Now, with no lines on my lips, I can wear any color lip product I want, and it looks so much better!

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I'm really particular about lip balm.  I feel like I've always been on the hunt for the perfect lip balm.  I'll use one up that I don't love, but 95% of the ones I buy, I don't re-purchase.  I want something that sinks in and nourishes (doesn't just sit on the surface), but it also has to have enough body to it that it doesn't need to be applied frequently.  Of all the balms I've tested out, these 2 are my favorites (so far 😄). 



1)  My favorite lip balm for daytime wear is Hurraw! lip balm.  I don't love the shape of the tube when I go to apply it, as it tends to wear down unevenly and leave you with a dip in the middle of the oval.  However, it doesn't roll off the table and is slimmer in a pants pocket.  I've decided to overlook the oval shape of the tube since I like the formula so much.


The formula sinks in and nourishes your lips, but also has enough body to it that you don't need to reapply very often.  I've worn it to bed before for 8-10 hours and still had it on my lips when I woke up.  It's not sticky, and it has a glossy finish.  It comes in many different flavors.  I order it from Vitacost, but it is probably available other places.



2) For something even more nourishing, I use Honeybee Gardens lip balm at night.  The tube says, "never greasy," but it is greasy.  It's very soft and I go through a tube of this quicker than I do of other balms.  It is more like a nighttime lip mask than a typical balm, in my opinion, so that is how I use it.  There is one flavor available on Lucky Vitamin's website (Tropical), but other ones are available on the Honeybee Gardens website.  I lucked out and found an 8-pk for sale on Hautelook, so I'm okay for awhile.  When I run out I will probably order from their website, because I love the Vanilla Pie flavor. 




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Wen’s Bella spirit Lip balm and exfoliator is the best. I’ve used it since it came out and love it. It will give you a brand new set of lips. It’s large and lasts a very long time. Comes in translucent , a bare shade and a light coral. In the beginning if I noticed it wasn’t in my handbag we would drive home to get it. Simply cannot be without it
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@QVCkitty1  I've been searching since I was a kid for a good lip balm. I have tried everything from cheap to expensive.  I absolutely love the Lansinoh Lanolin Cream ( for nipples) It's for mothers who are breastfeeding. I think you can find it in the baby section. I use it 1-2 times a day and my lips, which have been dry and cracked all my life, are smooth and soft (especially in the morning when I get up). It has no smell and you need a touch to cover lips. It's thick and goes a really long way. It's very comforting on the lips. I buy it from Target.

I was watching a video from Hot & Flashy and she recommended it. Boy, was she right.

When I received my order in the mail from Target, my husband saw this and said, "what do you need this for, it's for nipples"? I told him and he looked at me crazy. When you think about it, it makes sense. When breastfeeding your nipples get cracked and dry, as do lips.

I hope some of you try it and are as thrilled with it, as I am.

A 1.41 oz tube, costs about (from what I remember $8). Again, I bought mine probably 4 months or more and have, I would say probably at least half left. 

Everyone, enjoy the holidays!

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Simple Truth Organic™ Lip Balm  Made with moisture-sealing beeswax and a hydrating blend of sunflower oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E

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Dr. Bronner's. I have been using it all year with no chapped lips.

They have this set on their site for the Holiday's. I picked up 2.

Dr Bronner us-lip-balm-holiday-4pack_340x.png


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I use two:  Burt's Bees and the balm that comes in a tin from Trader Joe's.