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Any one use these products?

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I had gotten the acne kit for my daughter but it didn't do anything for her.  I ended up taking her to a Dermatologist.  I've heard good things about their sunscreen and would like to try that.

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Yes, I use their cleanser and like it very much.  It reminds me of Purity Made Simple.  It doesn't foam up.  I also use their tinted sunscreen which I absolutely love.  

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Another vote for the cleanser 

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I've been interested in trying one of their cleansers but have never gotten around to it.  

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I use the sunscreen and thermal water. I really like them. My Esthetician gives samples of cleansers and balms for aftercare after procedures, and they have always been nice products.

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i like the Toleriane Double Repair Mosturizer.  at CVS with extra bucks a good deal.