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I just watched a commericial for this product which is an injectable to add volume to your cheeks and chin. Not something I would be interested in, no way !   To each her own, no judgement here. Just curious though, would you be interested in getting the procedure ?

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I've been getting Juvederm Voluma® since they invented it....

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Yes, I am interested and I went for a consult with my derm but my rheumy says 'no' to it b/c of my medical condition. I would do it otherwise.

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I had it done for the first time last month along with Botax. I am over the moon happy with it.

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I wouldn't get it in my cheeks because I'd be worried about looking like a chipmunk since my face is pretty round already but I would consider it down the road for the deeper nasolabial folds. I haven't had any injectables yet but I've had laser treatment to cut down on the redness from rosacea. 

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Re: Juvederm injectable

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 I did juvederm for several years. Eventually the skin gets thinner and the products show a  blue tint in lines. They also become lumpy. 
  it's expensive.  I haven't done it in a year and the bluish tint remains but filler doesn't! 

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Re: Juvederm injectable

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@1Snickers the blue line is called the tindel effect. It happens when the filler isn't injected deep enough. I get Juvaderm, it has happened to me before. Then I changed providers and she explained to me it was because of the depth of the injection. Never had it since. 


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i've done Botox for about 14 years and am thinking it might be time to do the nasal lines -


The Botox is subtle and makes me just look a little more relaxed, just can't decide on the Juvederm.

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I just don't think I could do juvederm.


Since I was 28. I have had shots of hydrocortisone all over my face and around my eyes for cystic acne and occasionally still do. 

 I just can't go any further unless you were deadened because I never was.