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Mine never reopened , now we go to the hairdressers home. 

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Re: Hair service at home

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I heard her say that, too.  I don't think I would like to remove hair color in the shower.  Seems messy and dangerous (chemicals all over, maybe in your eyes).  The whole reason to go to the salon (for me) is to not have to deal with the mess at home.  


PS-- My salon re-opened when the restrictions were lifted.  there were some limitations and rules to follow (masks, occupancy limitis, extra cleaning)

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SK was presenting a hat last night just before the Olapex presentation. When she took off the hat, her hair was all messed up and looked bad. If you didn't know about the hat presentation then you would have thought the worst. But her hair did not look bad before that. 

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Mine opened up when they could--it took me awhile to go back tho----however--what a genius thing to do!! I bet the stylists that do that are making a heck of alot more $$ that way then being in a salon---It may a little more difficult doing those things due to just not having the right equipment but I'm sure that can be worked out!! 

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Way long before there ever was a covid my stylist would come to my home. That was a great perk!

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it's funny how the shut down changed things. The young lady that does my eyebrows, shut down, reopened in a new spot and has moved to a larger spot when she took on an assistant! Her business has grown!

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@Franklinbell A couple acquaintances of mine that are stylists started working out of their homes during Covid and never returned to a salon, their income jumped immensely when working from home. Whether legal or not, I'm not sure. One stylist had a home in a very pricey area and was going to put it up for sale. Her income doing hair from home was so successful she did not sell her home. She uses it strictly for hair and this home is over 2,000 sq ft. She lives in another home in the area.


Also, several salons in our area had a hard time these last 18 months hiring due to so many stylists working from home and not wanting to work in a salon. 

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@cjm61 I'm so impressed with the resilience of people! Making it happen! I know this I skipped back to the salon when it reopened. I have a ton of "natural" highlights (grey) and I turned a funny color of products and too much heat. I was her first Client  on her first day back. Funny thing...I was the last one before the shutdown! We said it was like nothing changed!  

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My mom's stylist could no longer afford chair rental due to lack of clients during Covid. She now works from your home or hers. I think she does some work at a local retirement center too.  She considers herself semiretired 

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@Caffeina wrote:

@Franklinbell wrote:

Last night I happen to tune in to Shawn saves Christmas and she was selling olaplex. She mentioned that her colorist still comes to her home. She never went back to the salon after the COVID shut down. She said her colorist put the color in and hops in the shower and shampoo and condition. I am just curious. Did you salon open back up? Is your stylist/colorist coming to your home? Or are doing your own hair?


My salon opened when the ban was lifted and i have been back ever since!






This doesn't prove anything, but I'm not so sure she was home when she took this picture. There's another picture on her account taken in 2021 that looks like she's in a salon. Maybe they were both actually taken before 2020.

its just shawn lying again. she contradicts herself every time she opens her mouth