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I am an online shopper but I don't watch much of shopping channels anymore.  Lots of chatter and product information seems secondary.  When I do watch I see new hosts and I see some who have been around for a long time.  When you don't see someone for a long time you notices the changes.  My main question.  WHAT'S WITH THE MAKEUP THAT SHINES AND MAKES THE FACE APPEAR HEAVY OR FAT OR OUT OF SHAPE?  Perhaps it is botox or perhaps it is some sort of new trend to glow. Not sure.  Does the Q sell the glowing stuff? If so is it a new fad?  Or is it an attempt to hide aging or wrinkles.  Like to try it for fun since I have a costume party to go to in a few weeks.  

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I like a bit of glow on my face, but a lot of people overdo the highlighter.  If it's an all over glow, then it is probably an illuminating foundation.  But, if it's just in certain areas, then it is probably highlighter.  I saw a girl once working at Belk and she had actual stipes of highlighter across her cheekbones.  She thought she was all that. 

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Your TV picture is probably set on WIDE.    There is an "aspect" button on your remote you can use to change the view.

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While back in the day, it was fashionable to "powder one's nose" to keep the shine away, the current trend seems to be a more glowy, radiant look which, if overdone, can look greasy or sweaty. If you're applying shine strategically,  however, it can look youthful and lovely.  An overly-matte mature complexion can look dry and can emphasize wrinkles. 

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@bonnielu    I believe the glow foundations (radiant) bring out all the wrinkles,etc. on your face especially if you are a mature woman.  Matte or semi matte or even natural is the way to go.  I don't know who developed this glow look but it needs to stop.  Who wants a shiny face?

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  Good morning. There's a huge difference between glow, shine and moisturized. A moisturized face/undereye will plump up wrinkles and be more youthful. Fully matte, powered foundations (faces) can appear aging. 


If you do powder, the t zone is the area for a very finely milled setting powder. Highlightling and contouring are not the newest way to do makeup. The more natural look, IMHO is mush more attractive. If makeup is really noticeable, it's not a great look. 


@bonnielu   I'm not sure whose faces you're looking at when shopping online, but sometimes with age comes a little extra bit of weight and it could show up in the face. Maybe your computer is not a realistic representation of the person...sometimes distorted.

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Well ok then! lol.  Things that glow or are bright, stand out.  Comes forward.  Things that are dark, recede.  I'm sure you know that.  I don't watch tv selling shows either so I don't know (and don't want to know) who you're talking about but if they have a lot of highlighter on their cheeks, they're going to look full and their wrinkles are going to scream "LOOK AT ME!".  It doesn't hide aging and wrinkles.  Glow is in but it has to be placed strategically and subtly or it's not going to be flattering.  Maybe a good look for the party would be to go with a face of makeup that is WAY WAY overdone.  Heavy everything.  Super exaggerated.  Clown-like.

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I'm so afraid I'm going to overdo the new Huda Kiss Glow Blush Smiley Surprised  It's very easy to use and builds up gradually but I just get lost in it's gorgeous-ness and can't stop lol  The last couple of days I've put it over a bronzer that I've used as blush.  It's all I can do to not buy another one Smiley Surprised