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Re: Firming/Tightning Neck Cream

@JudyL wrote:

Have been using the Bare Escentuals neck cream for a few weeks now and while it is moisturizing, not sure anything else is happening.  If that continues to be the case, I can get a good moisturizer elsewhere for less money.  Have read on this board good things about the Gold Bond neck cream and also the Avon Firming Cream (can't remember the first part of the name).  Think I will try those next.



I've been using the BE neck cream for about 7 weeks.  It is moisturizing, but I don't see anything else happening.  Just added the  No. 7 Restore & Renew serum. 







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Re: Firming/Tightning Neck Cream

@jannabelle1  Was at Walgreens tonight and picked up a tube of the Gold Bond neck and chest cream. Hope I like it as much as some of the women on this board!