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Re: Favorite Perfumes

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Red Door by Elizabeth Arden
First by VanCleef and Arpel

Chanel No. 5




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My fave will probably always be Oscar de la Renta, but realize I wore too much of it at times. I'm sorry now that I loved it so much that I thought everyone within a mile of me should smell it too. Ha. These days I don't wear colognes - just wear scented body lotions so I can smell a light fragrance on my skin all day, but no one else will notice. Maybe.
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I have fallen in love with Philosophy's bath and lotion products .I think they moisturize wonderfully. and love some of the fragrances . I have not tried the colognes because of price and not wanting something so expensive just to sample. I did order an 'in style' version of Amazing Grace thru Amazon and I like it.


I got a sampler box when ordering Christmas gifts thru Kohl's for $20. (so I could reach delivery amount) of 'Clean Classic ' rollerballs. =Pure Soap/Warm Cotton /Rain/Skin/Flower Fresh. I liked a couple of those. The sizes were generous.


I recieved a sample in an HSN box of Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist and loved it. It is very pricey everywhere I checked. I may try to find a 'wanna be' of it.


My favorite always has been Wind Song.

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One of my all time favorite fragrances is Clean Skin by the Clean brand.  But it is very hard to find and like my Stella, I can't find the body lotion. 


I've never tried the higher end Clean Reserve line but I know they make one called Skin but it is much more expensive.   

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My favorite one is by Nina Ricci, that classical red apple. I've been using it for years, and still love it, like when I just bought it for the first time

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I tend to buy stronger perfumes and spray below the waist or walk through a spray.  The ones I have now are Narciso Rodriquez... For Her, Narciso Rodriquez... Pure Musc and Tom Ford... Metallique. I have others but right now, these are my top 3.