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Tresor by Lancome is my favorite (the original Tresor). It's subtle and not too sweet or too overwhelming. 

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My favorite perfume is Pirette. The small bottle of oil, not the spray perfume. Fresh, clean and wonderful! You purchase it directly from the company. 

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Chanel Allure

Chanel Chance

Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle

YSL Paris 

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Amazing Grace

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Chanel number 5


Chanel Chance is also nice. 

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My all time favorite is the original YSL Paris. It's not being made anymore though so my new favorites are:


Lancome Tresor

YSL Opium,

Shalimar by Guerlain

Miss Dior 

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Re: Favorite Perfumes

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@Katcat1   I agree and love the TM Sexy 9 and #9. Add my Chanel Chance and LM Ambre Vanille. Those are my every day go tos. 


I also have my Jo Malone Meroli and Basil and several other Jo Malones, but kind of heavy and better for winter. 


***I've been purchasing smaller sizes since some have have gone bad. 

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Re: Favorite Perfumes

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Philosophy Field of Flowers original peony blossom. I use the body lotion everyday, but only use the spray eau de parfum when we're going out. 

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Morning !  My current favs 

1. Henry Rose "Fog "

2. Ellis Brooklyn Sci Fi 

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My favorite


 Good Girl by Carolina Herrera


I spray on the back of my neck and it's just enough to carry me through most of the day.