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So based on a few articles I read, a few blogs and who knows where else I read this was a good idea...I decided to shave my lower face with a "female" face shaving razor I purchased at Sallys. forward a few weeks later...I literally have to use this thing like every other day or else my face hair shows (its blonde but it still shows and I can feel it).  AND the worse part, I've developed some type of rash all over my lower face around my mouth.  I went to the Derm yesterday and she is asking me all kinds of questions, am I using new lotions, new soaps, new toothpaste etc...I'm not of course...its from this shaving I know, but I was too embarrassed to tell her.  I have been using steriod creams that I have for other medical reasons and it works to get rid of the rash, but it comes right back when I stop using them and I know I can't forever.  Derm said the same thing.  So she gave me some tips on what to do.  Use the sulfer wash, use the steriod sparingly but then taper off it so my skin isn't becoming addicted (as she put it).  So while I hope this works, my big problem is THIS STUBBLE on my face.  I obviously can't continue to use this face razor thing since its irritating the heck out of my face.  So what in the world can I use? I can't afford laser treatments (and FYI, I tried laser in another region of my body...and it didn't work :-( and I don't want to have to keep up with waxing at a salon.  So what do you use?  What do you recommend?  I have one of those little electric ear hair shaver things, or beard trimmer I think its called, but it doesn't seem to work well on the stubble.  HELP!  And no negative comments please.

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I totally sympathize. I was waxing for awhile it couldn't keep up.....and, ouch. I now use the Emjoi. It hurts like a b**** but it takes my fuzz and facial hair off. It leaves me red for a couple of hours so I try to use it before bed. Unless you shave every day, you will always have growth in between epilations.
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You didn't say, but I am hoping that you are using a foamy shaving cream like the men use to prep and shave your face. If not, this may be a huge part of the problem as you may be giving yourself folliculitis with the razor.


If you are, perhaps a different one might be better as you could be allergic to the one you have used.


Also, soak your razor blade end in some alcohol for a while between uses.


Insure your face is very well cleansed before shaving. Any makeup residual or grime could affect the situation negatively.


Hopefully these ideas may help. If not, speak to your dermatologist about shaving.

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Re: Face!

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I just use a bic razor on DRY skin. Never have a problem. I only do it once every week or less.

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I feel your pain KHJ, not literally but figurativly of couse. I have struggled with chin stubble which seems like forever! I use the Emjoi, but it does not get those tiny little hairs so I always go back to tweezing. I too read about shaving and decided to try it using a schik mens razor for sensitive skin. I use it when I am in a hurry on dry clean skin. I have only noticed dry patches on some parts of my chin but after I shave I use a moisturizer and it clears those up. I do think you should tell the derm about your shaving and not be embarrassed, she has probably heard it before. I have dark stubble and use a concealer to cover it, if it is untweezable.

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You feel stubble because you hair has a blunt cut on the ends.  When hair is not shaved, the tips are soft and not blunt.  Sometimes using an electric or manual shaver will cause ingrown hair.  So you probably have ingrown hair, razor burn and blunt hair tips.


I would suggest that you give the hair removal a rest for a few days.  Stop removal say on a Wednesday so that you can let it grow out until Sunday night.  Apply hot compresses on the area and if you can, use a tweezer on the hair that you can get a hold of and gently remove being careful not to damage your skin.


Use a small scissor to cut the hair close to the skin until your skin clears up.  You will feel stubble, but try to get over it.


When your skin has been clear for a few days, you can begin removal by tweezing, waxing or threading or whatever method you have used sucessfully before.  Unless the hair is removed below the surface, you will feel stubble every couple of days and the hair will have to be removed every or every couple of days.

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I use a razor. I don't use a special "female" face shaving razor, I use the same type of razor I use for my legs, but I keep a separate one for my face. I have an electric razor if I'm in a hurry. It's a woman's electric razor for legs, not an ear hair trimmer.


I don't know what kind of "female razor" you were using or what happened, but Retiredone has some good advice. Razors can cause irritation if you don't provide some sort of lubrication, so I use my regular facial soap or my conditioner. You don't see men shaving their skin without shaving cream. Razors can also cause infection if they get bacteria on them, so keeping them clean and dry is important. Dipping it in some alcohol for at least 30 seconds will help.


You can try a depilatory cream like Nair. Some companies make smaller bottles especially for the face. Depilatory creams work well, but you can get chemical burns and irritation if you have sensitive skin and/or leave them on too long. They've worked well for me, but they can be tricky because you really should follow the directions as closely as possible, but sometimes they say to leave the product on for 5 minutes and that doesn't work, your hair needs 8 minutes. I had to experiment a lot to get it right without leaving it on too long and getting a burn.


Yes, razors cause stubble, but so do waxing and depilatory creams, it just takes longer to come back. Anything you do to remove hair will eventually cause stubble, even laser treatments. If you don't want any stubble, then you should let your hair grow back and stop removing it.

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I do mine once a month on dry skin also, very gently run it down the sides of my face.

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So NOPE, I haven't been using any type of soap or shaving cream :-(.  The blogs I read said a dry razor.  So that's what I did.  I guess maybe I should try, b/c there is no way I'm letting it grow out like some of you suggested.  Facial hair is not attractive at all on women, IMO.  I am sensitive to shaving on my legs so its probably the same deal on my face.  The Derm said the rash wasn't bacteria or folliculitis (sp)  She gave it a name, but I can't remember it for the life of me.  I know I should have told her about the shaving but I was embarrassed.  And to be honest I didn't do it b/c I had a lot of facial hair, I did it for even foundation coverage.  Now I feel like I have a lot of hair :-(. 


Thanks for the tips...I will try everything you all suggested. 


FYI, here is the last article that finally convinced me to shave and I bought the Touch and Brow that are recommended in this article.

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I use the Intuition Razor by Schick.  They lather and moisturize.  I use them for my legs and face.   I do use my facial cleanser to add extra foam and I've had no problems.  Been doing this for years.