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Clarisonic issues and warning

I inherited two Clarisonics from my mom.  They are basically unused, as she got sick and was not able to use them.  They both charged up just fine.  The Pro would not turn on.  The Plus turned on, but when I went to use it again a week later, would not turn on.  Of course, they are out of warranty.  Clarisonic advised that these machines have batteries that should be charged at least every month or two.  I'm writing to warn others that if they aren't using their machines to at least keep them charged.  I'd also like to know if others have faced this issue or know any hacks to fix this.  I know there are YouTube videos about opening them and replacing batteries, but I'm not very good at that sort of thing. Please let me know your thoughts and/or ideas.  Thanks!

PS  Has anyone had a good experience with any of the knock off products?

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

This probably is the craziest "hack" of them all, but my mom swears that if anything battery operated doesn't work with a new or charged battery, to put it in the freezer for a few hours, then try it.  I am just sharing this with you, not sure if I would try it on a Clarisonic or not.


Seems like Clarisonic could offer some suggestions as to what you could do, it's a shame to have two expensive products and not be able to use them.  Maybe you could contact them again and ask for a recommendation.  Sometimes it depends on who you talk to.


As far as knock off products, I have not tried any of the devices, but I do order Sonimart brush heads from Amazon and they are the same to me.  I won't pay for the expensive Clarisonic brush heads again.


Good luck!

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning



Yes, the instructions that came with the Clarisonic advise that you charge the device if you are leaving it unused for a period of time. I think that the batteries inside the unit are NiCad and develop a memory and once the battery can't hold a charge the unit is basically useless. I bought my daughter a Clarisonic Mia 2 a couple years ago and since she didn't bring it with her for a long trip I've charged it for her. I also have a Clarisonic Mia 2 that I'm keeping an eye on since I don't use it every day. I looked at the instruction book and it says that if you use the handle infrequently to charge it every 3 months.

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

Thanks for this post.  I have 2 of these and I will be more careful about this.

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

I'll have to be more careful!  I had put mine away (probably for about a year or more).  Decided to use it recently.  Put it on the charger and it charged just as it always did.  Whew!  Guess I was lucky!

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

I've been reading so many complaints about the Clarisonic and surprised by them. I've had mine for around 8 - 10 years and it's going strong. I always put it back in the charger base after I use it and it stays plugged in all the time. Also, I never use it through all the cycles. I turn it off before it cycles through. I don't know if those things have given mine so much life. Maybe I was just lucky to get mine so long ago they were more reliable. 

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

The first Clarisonic Plus I purchased barely lasted 2 years. Came on but the head would not "spin" and nothing would correct the problem. Too much money for something to last so little time. I have another Plus and one Mia but I doubt I will ever purchase another due to much cheaper similar ones being offered. Was frustrating to have spent so much and not get a long life out of it.

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

I had this happen to me and had to throw it away. I was so upset with myself. Now I'm in a quandry with my Mia 2 whether to purchase one now or hope for a tsv before Christmas. My Mia is well beyond the warranty and I use it once or twice daily.

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning

I have the doesn't hold a charge.  After 2-3 uses I have to re-charge.   Takes about 24 hrs.   I'm not  re-placing the brush anymore either, I may not not bother with it.  It's getting may be on it's way out.  I have it for about 2 1/2 yrs, but it started not holding the charge after about 6 mos. after I got it.

 I just purchased SHISEIDO little face washing's very good.  Soft, but packed nicely.  I paid $15.00 at TJMAXX.

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Re: Clarisonic issues and warning


i recently threw away two like new Clarisonics as I did not know to keep them plugged in..... they were dead. I will never again spend a dime on this. Bought the Foreo Luna and love it!