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I can and do buy Christmas gifts all year at a variety of places including QVC so I don't think QVC needs to have MONTHS and MONTHS of specialized Christmas shows. It's not like you can't buy a gift from a fashion or jewelry show. It bugs me it starts so early although there will be a lot less on my DVR until January, that's for sure. How many ornaments and lights does one need.
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i thought they were done with christmas in July, the Valerie Parhill again and her made in china stuff and the ugly LR and her christmas ornaments - sorry very cheap looking

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Well ladies I called CS today about something I need to return and I asked why this Christmas in July has turned into Christmas in August? I was told that they will be having Christmas shows from now until December AND on September 22nd it will be Christmas shows all day! I really think it's ridiculous. I'm sure they have lots of inventory from last year, that they're trying to get rid of, the reason for so many shows.