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Hi All.......Just curious. I saw an ad for this company on Yahoo and wondered if anyone had ever used their polish. They have some really lovely shades and the prices don't seem that bad.


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I have. The colors are beautiful. However, I found that they just didn't have any lasting power on me. They seemed to chip pretty quickly. They have monthly box program called Julep Maven and it is one of the few where you are actually given some choices in colors and products each month.

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I am a Julep Maven and enjoy getting new colors each month. They do chip easily on me unless I use a topcoat. Overall, I am pleased with the colors and quality.
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Yes, the colors are great and easy to apply, but no staying power.

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No staying power, and on the second day the polish was cracking by the cuticle making it look like it had been on there for a month. After receiving the first box, I cancelled.

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The nail color does not stay on me. The top coat is ok, but only when I use it over a nail polish such as Revlon's Gel Envy, or for a layer of additional protection when I wear Perfect Formula's Gel Coat alone.

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They have some great shades but if you buy them individually, they are not cheap. The bottle holds less than most other full size polishes. I was a maven but never liked all the colors in any collection.

My manicurist hated the bottle as she said it tipped over easily. Twice I received bottles that were broken in the neck. When I called CS they said that was the nature of glass bottles. First they told me to return the broken bottles. I said that was ridiculous, so they asked me to send pictures.

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Beautiful colors - tiny bottles, and not inexpensive considering the size. Also the ones I've had in the past chip easily and dry up quickly. Not impressed.

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Wow I"m really sorry to hear some of you are having trouble keeping the polish on! I recently discovered Julep and am loving the colors. I joined Maven too but should probably cancel because I'm high maintenance enough without a nail polish subscription. I painted my nails on Thursday, worked hard around the house all weekend (including a whole lot of use of bleach wipes which usually murders a mani!) and my nails still look good. Granted, that's only 3 days but they're looking like they'll stick around for at least a few more!

I think they're formulated without some of the nastiest chemicals, too.

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I've only been using Julep for a few months. I have absolutely no issue with their polish. My color lasts at least a week with no chips. (I change my polish weekly, so who knows how long the color would actually last).

I always use a base coat and a top coat as I truly believe this makes a big difference.

I only purchase from them when they have a sale as the bottles are small and they're not cheap. My only gripe with them is how long it takes me to get my order. They ship from Washington (I think) and they use DHL which, IMO, is the slowest delivery service.