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Really? Not again. Christmas shopping in the winter has been ruined for me.

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I'm bored with it already

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NOooooo, NoT AgaiN{#emotions_dlg.glare}

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I couldn't agree more!! **CLICK**

These Christmas shows must be big sellers or they wouldn't be on.

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UGH!! I am so sick of Christmas programs too! Isn't it back to school time?

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I myself love it, what better way to take your mind off this crazy world we live in. So much sadness now. What is wrong with a little joy . If you don't like it turn the channel I'm sure you will find something else ..

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Merry Christmas to all of you grumpy people......(not you cgfan 1 your not grumpy)....I happen to love the Christmas shows...I have bought quite a bit so far today....and bought stuff during my sister and sil watching and purchasing, too....

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OK, I just have to say that if a shopping channel's programming ruins ANYTHING for you, that's just plain sad!

I enjoy the Christmas programming. I don't watch it or ANY QVC programming all day long though, I pick and choose programs that interest me. If there's nothing on any particular day that I like I have plenty of other things in my life to enjoy!

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If it weren't the same mostly stale somewhat junky merchandise it might be different, but it is, and so it's not watchable... QVC clearly has a problem with variety.

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CIJ must have been uber popular and a great money maker for QVC to carry on in August. You have September as a reprieve, because Christmas shows start again in October!