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I'm always on the lookout for a concealer that will cover my dark undereye circles. And the shade I need to cover my undereye circles isn't the same shade that I use to cover anything else on my face. The shade of undereye concealer has to be a shade lighter than my other concealers. I'm currently trying out Maybelline Superstay concealer in the shade 05 Ivory for my undereye area and the shade 10 Fair for the rest of my face. Those are the two lightest shades of concealer in this line that are available in Canada.

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Are applying a primer to your face first? And some people do the concealer next instead of the foundation first. Some people do foundation & then apply concealer.


I use primer then apply concealer where I need it. The primer prevents the concealer from settling into fine lines. Apply or dab tiny dots below the eyes or on broken capillaries. Smooth out thinly. I use Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light shade in the travel size. 

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I just started using a concealer this past year.  I have a few broken capillairies on my cheeks that look like red spider veins in my 10X mirror!!!


I use Suzanne Organics concealer in light medium.  I'm pink toned and it comes off as a pearly white.


I use sponge triangles to apply (I press into the red spots) and them I gently buff with a very compact wide brush used specifically for this.


Then I apply my loose powder on top.  My powder is a shade darker than the concealer.  Stays all day---I keep checking!


If I have dark circles or other spots that I want to conceal, I only apply to the exact spot, not a large area.  I will press the concealer into/onto the dark(ness) only. 


Some people seem to apply from the lower lash line to half way to their cheek.  If I did that it would look obvious. 


And sometimes you can see people's crepiness more when it's *highlighted* by the concealer.

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@hyacinth003  - I agree with the ladies that suggested going to a counter for help.  I suggest going to a Clinique counter as they have different concealers and not too terribly expensive.  If you purchase one and it doesn't work, you are able to exchange it for another one  - or even get your money back.  Good luck in your search and would love to hear a review on what you find! 

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I went to Sephora and they used that tool to color match me.  There is no way you can walk into any drugstore or order on-line and get a good color match.  Products like Tarte's Shape Tape have a massive amount of colors to choose from on their website.  


I use Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and I love it.  But until I got color-matched, I too was having a problem.