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I haven't used concealers, but feel I could use one now.


I have tried about 10 brands, and NONE of them seem to work for me.  They all seem too dark and too yellow for my skin tone.  I have the same issues with foundation. 


Now I understand what they mean about not settling into lines or whatever.  You put it on and you can see it a mile away.  I get the concept of color correction, but they just scream CONCEALER on my face.


Some I have tried are Josie Maran stick, Mally, IT Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, I know there's others.


Any advice?



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@hyacinth003Like you I've probably used ever concealer on the market.


I finally found NYX HD  Professional Makeup Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand in Light that I just love, love, love.


It's not too expensive (Target/Walgreens/Ulta carry it) & it gives lasting coverage, no drying & the color is perfect for me although they do offer a lot of other ones.


Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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Re: Cannot find a concealer

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Love Bare Minerals Bisque for concealing. It's at a supersize event price right now for anyone who loves Bisque like I do. 

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I like Doll10 concealer. You can control the amount that is applied and it lasts. 

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I use Cle de Peau. Very expensive, but it does not crease,and the color is perfect. It does last me for more than a year. 


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Amazing Cosmetics has a great concealer. They have 18 different shades.

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I have "winter" coloring, and my complexion is very fair, cool-tone pink. It has taken me a long time and $$ to find cosmetics that are are not yellow. 


I use Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser. I found it in the grocery store (Publix). I tried it first in the lightest shade they had: Ivory 100. It was too light (even for me), so I bought the next shade down: Fair 110, and it's the right shade for me. I removed the sponge on top (sort of ripped it off) and no problem twisting the top onto my finger and then dotting-then-smoothing it on, over my foundation. (I didn't like the sponge top because I worried about bacteria.)


Because I have puffy undereyes from allergies, whatever I use will never be perfect, but this is a real good one, and, like you, I've tried a lot of them.


Also, some years ago I bought Signature Club A (Adrienne Arpel) concealer in a pale shade of violet. (She also sold one in "Anchorwoman Blue"; I think that was the name.) I like both of them. I sometimes dot-then-smooth the violet one under my foundation (per the instructions). It really does work to neutralize the dark part of the undereye circles. That lady knows her stuff. Then you can use the Maybelline Eraser over your foundation if you think you still need more concealer.


Just in case you are interested, I use Suzanne Somers foundation in "Porcelain Light" and Skinn Plasma Foundation SPF 8 in "Cool Buff." Her site usually has a coupon code for a reduced price. My blush is Skinn's (powder) "Pink Bellini." I'm getting frantic because the aforementioned two Skinn products are getting scarce, even on eBay and Hautelook. I don't want to have to hunt again!


Good luck -- and hope this helps.

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Doll 10 has a new concealer, you can try that.

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Maybe a trip to counter might help you find the right one. If you've tried a lot of stuff and can't seem to find the right shade then maybe a sales rep can help.

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@hyacinth003   The only thing that really works for me is the bare minerals bisque powder.  I just dab it over my one cheek brown spot and it covers it better than anything else I have. I have tried so many and nothing covers like this powder.


Amazon has it on Prime!


Bareminerals Bisque - Multi-Tasking Concealer Spf20 2G