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Oh thank you @Linmo. I just dug out my supply and you are right. My bad.


I thought they used to say "a full pound of soap", but they say "a full half pound".


Thanks for telling me. I like the big bars, but cut in half they fit the hand better.


They last forever!

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I passed on this deal.  Already have enough soap for 2 lifetimes!  and....   got the BOGO on the body cream when they were doing their farewell shows.

I also like to select my scents and am not a fan of the YY scent that most people love, so I just tuned in for about 10 mins, and then didn't watch the other shows so as not to be tempted.  

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I'm wondering if they underestimated how well this would do at their launch, therefore, they were careful about how many they had. and they just sold so much more than anticipated. there were two sellouts yesterday....i'm sure they ruffeled a few feathers yesterday. but they have a huge cult likt following so they got to up their game a notch next time.  they have a wonderful product. my skin is highly allergic to anything not hypoallergic. their stuff is skin friendly for me. and my lucky daughter has inherited my allergy skin, so we share the stuff i get.

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The Beekman TS is back at $50, but if you sign up for their email list it's 15% off which makes it $42.50. Only $.50 more than the TS. Still has the free shipping. Wanted to mention it for anyone who missed out! They are now restocked on the handwash and lotion set scents and the 4 soaps in all scents. Of course now at the higher price. Guess they had a quota on what they would sell at the discounted price!

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@nyc1 wrote:

I passed on this deal.  Already have enough soap for 2 lifetimes! 




Me too! I still bought more. LOL!


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I passed on the TS plus the One Day Only.

My sister bought the one day only YYT & used their $10 off coupon using their App.

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With the free shipping, it was worth it to me to get body wipes in Orange Blossom/Honey and Fresh Air. I don’t use them that often so I didn’t need the four packs, plus I like some variety. I hope there is a bounty box ready for September 🐐

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Everyone has their own brand, product, and fragrance preferences.  I love luxury soaps and really good body and hand creams.  The Beekman TS was an excellent value.

And even without the body cream,  the later autoships (with free shipping) are still a very good price.... if you like and want their soaps.   The autoships can be extended or cancelled when/if your soap collection grows too big or if you decide the scents aren't the ones you like.  The 9 oz bars of Beekman soap last a very long time.


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My Ylang Ylang & Tuberose Body Wash Duo arrived today & it smells wonderful! I’m looking forward to using it tonight.

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I hope you like it as much as I do.  I also got the Body Cream, but mine does not smell anything like the Body Wash.  Confused on that one.

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