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At what point in your make-up routine do you apply you brow pencil (or powder or wax or whatever you prefer)?  Do you apply it before the rest of your make-up or after or when?

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I use powder, and it's applied as my last step before my lipstick.

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@SurferWife , face, tightliner, shadow, brows, mascara; you?



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foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, (eye shadow, if wearing) mascara, eye brows, lipstick,

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@SurferWife - 2nd to last. Only blush after- and either Mally's Face Defender or a makeup setting spray. Smiley Happy

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Re: Applying Brows

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  1. Foundation
  2. Powder
  3. Eyeshadow
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Mascara
  6. Brow 
  7. Blush
  8. Lipstick
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Re: Applying Brows

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@SurferWife  Always the last step because the brows take over the face if applied earlier and eye shadow (at least for me) comes out too heavy because of that.

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My current routine is to apply sunscreen, brow pencil, one neutral eyeshadow, mascara, BareMinerals foundation and lipstick. I do eye makeup first to allow sunscreen to dry a bit before applying foundation.



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Since my brows need the extra definition more than my eyes or lips, I usually do them first. I'm looking at overall balance (of my facial features). Any way, I keep everything rather subtle, because I just like a bit of enhancement.

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I think this is an interesting question as to the order we apply make-up. Mine has no rhyme or's just what I do.





Mascara on top

Eyebrows...usually use a micro brow pencil

Mascara on bottom

Eyeshadow...just a little as I don't wear much and I apply it with my fingers even though I have a zillion brushes. Weird. 😲