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I just assumed that the streaks were to camouflage gray hair.  That's what I did when I first noticed some gray. 

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Not a good look for her; all wrong for her skin tone.

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I liked her dark hair, but I think she's trying to look more youthful, hence the multitude of light streaks. IMO it's just too much blond for her, doesn't go with her skin tone, looks harsh instead of enhancing her looks.

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Maybe she's going gray and trying to hide it. 

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She has great hair and I like the new style but maybe the shade is offf... not sure-

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She said her mother didn't like the color on her.  I agree with mom. 

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I liked it when she had more minimal highlights, not so much this heavily blonde look.  I wonder if her hubby likes it.

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She looks terrible as a blonde. Her skin is too dark.  She also needs to pull her hair off her face.p

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I think it looks great on her! The color has such a pretty tone to it, and I think it really makes her eyes pop.