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I never expected to find My Laura Geller eyeliner on Amazon when Q or her site didn't have my color in stock!

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You are aware that Amazon relies upon individual sellers to scour stores like Walmart and Walgreen's for sales, buy sale and discontinued products and ship them to Amazon? 


That's great if there's a color or product you love that's grown hard to find and Amazon can provide it. But I've received enough products that were damaged, obviously used or entirely different than advertised that I've sworn off buying any makeup or personal care products from Amazon. Just a heads up. Woman Happy

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Same as Ebay, too much counterfeit, dangerous makeup, especially high end.  When I used a lot of Laura Geller I was signed up for the sale alerts on her site, the prices were great, sometimes 80% off.

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They're called 3rd party sellers. Amazon itself doesn't have these people scouring the Walmart. Basically I consider 3rd party sellers on Amazon the same as eBay.

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I order Bare Minerals from Amazon, and instead having to wait 7 to 10 days it arrives the next day.

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I think its unfair to say all third party sellers are selling inferior and outdated products.  I buy off Amazon and Ebay alot.  I am careful who I buy from...I always look for sellers who are rated 100%(on Ebay).  I have had nothing but great prices on great items. I am a make up junkie, and I know my products.  I only once got a counterfeit product, but that was years ago, before I learned what to look for in sellers.  Most of the products I get are brand new products...such as It cosmetics Confidence in a Neck half the price! They are sealed, and cant possibly be old, because it was just introduced.

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I buy alot of name brand makeup from ebay--and have had great luck with it, spent a ton less and saved a ton more--you buy from the good sellers that are forthright about everything and willing to answer any questions you ask. Just like everything--buyer beware and savvy!!!!

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That's great that you can find name brands on Amazon. But just be aware that counterfeit products are also sold there, too. If the price seems too good to be true then it's probably not genuine. Same goes for ebay.

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I never buy skincare or make-up from E-bay or Amazon.  No one is saying everyone is selling counterfeit products on either of these sites but yes they do exist.  And in the case of Amazon, they don't do much to stop it.


There is a line of skincare that is sold in a spa in my area.  I was using it for awhile.  I happened to find it on Amazon and it was cheaper so I bought it.  The product was expired.  After that I read reviews on some of the other products indicating they were counterfeit and had been reported to Amazon but Amazon wasn't pulling them.


Last year there was a MAC lipstick I wanted that was discontinued.  Again, there were a few on Amazon.  Most were very expensive but one was super cheap so you knew something was up.  Review after review after review said they had ordered the lipstick and it was not MAC, it was counterfeit.  Again the reviewers said it had been reported but Amazon left the listings up.


I'd rather pay more money and know what I am getting.     

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I ordered L Geller Inkcredible Eyeliner in black.  Thit product is a major hitter in her collection.  It really surprised me.