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I've had them all but not regularly. I had one mani/pedi in May and have been doing my own pedicures since. I usually get one of each a year at the beginning of the season just to get rid of the yuck. As far as facials and massages are concerned they are to expensive and I don't feel they are worth it. My face will look a bit better for a brief time and my back will feel better also but I would rather spend that money elsewhere.

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Same here Skylark sounds almost like going to the doctors.

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Re: Am I the only one

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I've enjoyed "pampering" myself with these things for years, and miss mani-pedis the most. Since COVID, I just have not felt comfortable enough going to the salon, even with the mandated precautions.😞 


I now find myself doing a lot of self-care, and let's just say, "Bigfoot has better looking tootsies".😁



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 I couldn't have said it better myself! 

The thought of strangers "fussing over me" is simply too much for me to contemplate!!

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I had a facial five years ago because my friend gave me a gift certificate for one for my 60th birthday. I enjoyed it, but never felt the need to have another one. I've had a few manicures over the years, but only for special occasions. I do get pedicures regularly from April thru September. This year I didn't get my first one until mid June. I did the first couple myself. I did okay, but not nearly as good as the salon. Never had a massage, but I guess I'll be getting one soon. My daughter gave me a gift certificate for one for Mother's Day. Plan on using it within the next two weeks.

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I'm 66 and have had one manicure. It was paid for with a gift certificate from a friend over 25 years ago.

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We all have different likes, dislikes, priorities, hobbies, routines, etc.  I know many women who have low maintenance beauty routines.  It's simply not a priority, but that's quite alright.  I know some women who don't wear a stitch of make-up...ever.  I'm the complete opposite end of the spectrum, but not matter how nice I may make my exterior self look, it's what is in our soul that makes us beautiful or downright ugly.

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I haven't either.  Love to have a massage.  

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I have never had any on your list either.

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Never had or desired to have a massage or a facial. Had my first mani at 40 and first pedi at 45.