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pretty cat .:

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Gingerbread wreath!:

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Hi friends, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

halfpint, birdmama, doxie....good to see all of you.

Our whole family was together yesterday for a good dinner at

the home of DD#1 and her hubby. Good food and a nice time

seeing everyone. Was exhausted. Made the mistake of sitting on a

folding chair the whole time. Owie..every bone in this old body ached.

Slept like a stone for 9 hours. Thankful for so much.

Grateful for all of you who post here.

possummink, that you for the wonderful pictures.


snappy Cat Happy

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Hi possummink, so glad you enjoyed your day and had a good meal with leftovers.

Love turkey. We have 2 slices of pumpkin pie awaiting us. Yummy.

We might get rain this weekend. A real honest to goodness storm!

I remember how that was before the drought hit so hard. Hope so.

Thank you for the pictures.


snappy Smiley Happy

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Re: widows thread

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@possummink@Bird mama@doxie1@halfpint1@snappyfrappy@Silkeej@10grands@MsLomo@goldensrbest 


I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, no matter how you spent it.


I'm sorry I didn't tell you yesterday how grateful and thankful I feel that we are friends.


I heard from my late husband's brother who lives in the UK, my sons  (they had a good time and one baby was very active), two of my husbands peers that taught with him and a rabbi that was his friend for many years.  He and his wife asked if I was having the family over.   When they found out I was alone, they wanted to come over, but I said stay and enjoy your family.  Two hours later the door bell rang and they dropped off some soup, knowing I'm not eating much lately.  I am fortunate.


I tried to post, but my head and eyesight were being problematic, bugger.  I did have soup, memories and grateful heart.  A beautiful day.


I took a walk around the yard, checked my bird feeder and birdbaths.  They were all good  and I managed to stay upright ;p  I sat in my husbands car and cried for a bit.  I hadn't been in it.  It still started.  


I'd like to make something for or give something to my husbands friends that have been so kind.  I'm not sure what to do.  hmm


I've kept journals for about 40+ years.  I have them in all in one dresser---hundreds of them.  I want to tell my sons, although my lawyer knows to mention them.  I hope they find them interesting. Maybe I'll have to tease them and tell them there sre some salacious reveals, but don't judge me ;+}  LOL  ;=D  I wonder if they'll read them?  


Take care 





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I'm glad a couple of friends popped in to share some soup with you.  You are beloved Karuna and I figured people wouldn't be able to stay away from you on the holiday :-)


I understand how you felt when you sat in your husband's car.  


I'm sure that when your sons are ready that they will read your journals.


Funny you should mention that you kept journals.  I kept journals from 1978 until 2006.  I lost the desire to journal after my husband died and a a few years after he died, I shredded all of them.  I didn't want my family to read them, he he he.  TMI.



"The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time"
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Snappy - had to respond to you sitting on a folding chair -  that must have been uncomfortable, no wonder you were sore.


Karuna - glad someone brought you some soup, that is always good.


My Thanksgiving dinner went very well,   lots of delicious sides and desserts arrived.   Even though I had a 20 lb. butterball turkey there really wasn't much left.   But plenty before I get tired of leftovers.  Everyone gets along great so it is always a pleasant time.  I was talking to my niece and she mentioned her family getting into fusses about politics, etc.   We steer clear of all of that.  It was cold and dreary yesterday and today.  


I did not go Christmas shopping on Black Friday,  but I did go earlier in the week and actually almost finished.  A DD and GGD took me and helped keep track of sizes, etc. for jammies and outfits.   Now I just need a few games or toys and some gift cards.  I have never been done so early.  Now to concentrate on the contractors next week in my living room.


I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

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I'm just adjusting this tree topper for


Hi Karuna,   I'm really glad that your friends came by and brought you something good to eat.   I know you may not feel like eating, but you have to and soup is so nourishing and will help you maintain some strength.  It's also good that you went outside and did a kind of walkabout in your yard.  Just being out in nature, however much, gives us a boost in spirit and in body.  I just feel better sometimes just sticking my nose out of the door or opening a window to hear and smell nature.  


I think it's so nice that you heard from so many friends and relatives yesterday.  As Birdmama mentioned, you are loved and really cared about.  I think your sons will love reading your journals.  I kept some notes over the years, but didn't do it regularly.   I wish I had done it more, as a remembrance of the happy childhood memories of events and the comings and goings of things that occurred so long ago.  


On another thread, years ago I'd post about things that would occur on the farm of my childhood, like the threshing of grains by groups of farmers who traveled with their awesome(to me as a child) machinery.   It was such a thrill to have these huge machines come into the fields and do 'their thing'.   Huge big black belts stretching from farm tractors to these big 'dinosaur-like looking' machines and powering them.   All day long cut wheat, oats or barley would be fed into a part of the thresher and it would separate the grain from these plants and blow the straw into great big piles that the tractors would then bind into bales.   The threshing guys would stop for lunch prepared by the farm wives and then back to work.   It was fun to watch and sad to see them leave after the threshing was over and they'd move on to the next farm.   I love(d) putting these stories down in print.  It's amazing to me how vivid so many of these happy memories still remain with me and bring some measure of peace and happiness in reliving those gentle times after WWll.   I wish my kids and grandkids could just go back for a day and see how life was back in those uncomplicated times. 


An old threshing machine~~~Image result for old threshing machinesRelated image

Threshing was a very dusty and itchy job, I think.   All that straw getting blown around the workers and the dust.   Threshing had to be done with dry grain plants only.   As kids, we weren't allowed to get very close to the equipment.  Some of those big belts were known to break and cause severe if not worse injury if they hit you.   Exciting, scary and wonderful for a farm kid to see each year. Heart


No idea how I managed to get off onto that subject.   You see how my mind can wander, as I get off on tangents ever so often.   I do love thinking about my childhood.  I did grow old, but never grew up.Cat Very Happyd


Wishing you a peaceful weekend,  free of those headaches and other symptoms.  Just think of those little bundles of joy that you will soon be cuddling with.  Happy thoughts and love.  Heart

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Cat in a box no surprise here. LOL: