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Are you okay out there, @shortbreadlover? Something like this can be very traumatizing and even worse if you live alone. From some of these posts I've read, it sounds like you already felt unsafe in your neighborhood. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. 


I agree with the many others here who have told you that local law enforcement will be thankful to have this info. Maybe you have filed a report by now, which should help to make you feel a bit better.


You've had quite a shock, so take care and please don’t blame yourself. Sexual predators of all types are very good at masking their sick proclivities. You couldn’t have known, and now you do. Focus on from NOW and stay safe. 


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@shortbreadlover  You live in a very, very, strange and creepy neighborhood.



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@ThinkOutsidetheBox wrote:

Sorry those who disagreed with what I stated. You are wrong. Watch any of the shows covering crime. Watch your local news. Serial rapists and those who murder after assaulting always seem to have started out with things like flashing or peeping, and then escalated. Kind of like serial killers often start out torturing and killing animals. Don’t agree? No prob. Facts are facts. She is in danger by being anywhere near this person. I have stated my piece. Cheers!


Actually, you're wrong.


True statistics don't come from watching TV shows or local news.  It is absolutely incorrect that most people who expose themselves go on to commit murder.  Yes, people who commit big crimes often start out with smaller ones.  But - in relation to this discussion and what this man did - it's a false equivalence, and not logical at all.  Just because murderers start out with smaller crimes doesn't mean that all or even most of those who start out with smaller crimes become murderers.  It has been studied extensively, and overwhelmingly those who expose themselves do not ever become violent at all.  That is a fact. 


You are free of course to believe whatever you'd like to believe. 

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That is too strange for words.  I would actually be afraid of him.  Who in their right mind would do something like that?

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