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I used to waitress years ago and this is a hard job!  Very hard!  I could not do it any more. Also, working outside in the heat doing anything --- I would have a heat stroke!


I think nurses are wonderful!  God Bless!  What would we do without you??  I could never, ever do this job.  


"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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I cannot even begin to answer such a broad question.  There hundreds, probably thousands of jobs you couldn't pay me to do.  Some I couldn't do because I have neither the skill set not the required education.  Others are in areas that don't interest me or that I would totally dislike.  

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I couldn't blow glass since, I sweat so easily.  I'd just end up a puddle on the floor, like Frosty the snowman when the sun comes out.

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There's no job I would not do, if I had the skills to do it.  I am a farm girl, who did all kinds of gross jobs on a large dairy farm.  I have been a secretary, factory worker,  retail sales, construction worker (house building) all before I got my teaching license.  I have taught Kindergarten through adults for 30 years.  During my teaching career I also taught jail inmates, and have had several part time jobs in the evening and on weekends.  I was brought up with a strong work ethic.

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I would not clean other people's houses. Especially bathrooms. For many years I cleaned my parents house. That I would do again. They lived well into their nineties. 

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@CalminHeart wrote:


I could never work in a Funeral Home.



Your post actually brought back some happy memories.  My grandpa was a mortician in a very small town.  The funeral home was large and included a very large apartment upstairs because someone had to stay 24/7 if any deceased people were there.  We often stayed at the funeral home when visiting him.  We had family reunions and Grandpa's 50th anniversary party there. Lots of good times. There was one door that was locked and we never did see what was on the other side.  We all grew up with a lot of respect for the dead.  

We have a beautiful funeral home on the main street in out town that has been for sale for years. It's too bad people can't get past the idea that it was a funeral home, a business will not even buy it and we certainly don't need another mortician in town.

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@Puppy Lips wrote:

@pigletsmom wrote:

I'd never work retail again. It makes you realie there are a lot of not nice people out there. Working retail does make you a nicer person though once you know what they have to put up with.

@pigletsmom My Dad, may he RIP, always said that everyone should at some point have to wait on, serve, or work with on the public.  Only then can you truly know what it is like, and then hopefully you yourself will be more understanding and kinder to people that serve and wait on you for the rest of your life.

Yes @Puppy Lips ! I really think everyone should have to do a year dealing with the public.Although I swear I saw someone right on this board that said they had to deal with bad customers when they were working and now they got to be the annoying customer and that was fine with them. Smiley Frustrated

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President of the U.S.  Who needs all the stress, pressure and hate?  Past presidents have aged dramatically by the end of their terms.