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@BlueFinch wrote:

It's a given I'd hate to suction out septic tanks.  I used to hide when they'd do ours.  


However, I would NEVER be an exterminator, harming animals, or wildlife.  I capture and release, even with bugs.    

It's a good thing I didn't have you when I wanted to KILL every last rat in my attic! Nasty vermin. LOL.

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I think anyone who takes a job as a moderator or censor on this or any forum is someone who likes to have control over people, it is not the type of job I would feel comfortable doing. 

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I could not work in an animal shelter or as a vet.


Animals are such remarkable beings and to watch any be hurt, or abused, or killed because there is no one to take them home would devastate me. Yes vets help animals but I could not treat them and see them hurting.

Even if I could be aiding them in these situations, I have not the courage to do it. Too emotional.


I think vets are remarkable people and people who help and assist in shelters and rescue animal during a crisis are remarkable humans. Thank heaven for those individuals.



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I would not take any position in our current White House.

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Meat packing plant....

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I also could never be wait staff.  And the ones who don't write the orders down, omg, I'm so envious.  I could never, ever work at Starbucks.  I hear people barking their coffee orders (think of the Frasier and Niles) and my eyes glaze over.


I worked in retail part time (for the discount!) at Macy's and then Saks.  I worked at Saks nights & weekends for over 20 years in their jewelry department.  Loved it.  Last holiday season I applied to Bloomingdales, got the job ... lasted 4 days on the floor.  Could not take it.  Worked in women's clothing.  Go figure.


@CherryHugs, my friend owns a monument company.  I've worked in the office to help out when needed.  That is big business!  The ones that upset me were parents coming in to get a stone for their child.  


I am retired, but am doing some temping.  Last weekend I worked in a real estate office - the beach rentals.  Ahh, working with the public, I remembered why I don't want to do it anymore.  They actually asked me to come back next weekend.  Darn, I have previous plans!Woman LOL


Interesting subject!



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Car salesman (used or new)
Insurance adjuster
Sell real estate
Stock broker
Funeral home

Basically any job that you are making money on the backs of other people.  

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@Foxxee wrote:

The first thing that comes to mind is I couldn't euthanize animals or kill them in a slaughterhouse.  


There are so many I couldn't do. 


But, now that I'm retired I don't want to do anything that requires getting up and going to work.  



@Foxxee ...Woman LOLHeart

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@Othereeeen wrote:







Not necessarily in order, but....EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!



Every day with morning coffee thinking about what's up for today......


I GO to them, but flip my own brain on numb during the exam!!!


And I was a Biology Major in college!!!!!!


Anyone here watch "Dr. Pol" on National Geographic Channel? When those vets have to "clean the sheath" ( look it up if you don't know what this is...)



@Othereeeen , Guess you’ve never owned a gelding, huh? 😆😆😆😆😆

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I could never work in a Funeral Home.



Your post actually brought back some happy memories.  My grandpa was a mortician in a very small town.  The funeral home was large and included a very large apartment upstairs because someone had to stay 24/7 if any deceased people were there.  We often stayed at the funeral home when visiting him.  We had family reunions and Grandpa's 50th anniversary party there. Lots of good times. There was one door that was locked and we never did see what was on the other side.  We all grew up with a lot of respect for the dead.