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a job you would not do

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There is nothing wrong with any job. It takes a special person to do them. There are lots of jobs I could not do (teaching, nursing, school bus driver, etc), but on Monday while reading this message board I had to add "Moderator of QVC Board". I could not do it not even if they pay me a million dollars. All these comments you have to read (especially all the whining, complaining, comments about this and that, who, she, he, etc). So what job you could not do?

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Anything that would require working in the Arizona heat in the summer. 

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I could not work as a cashier in a grocery store or retail store.  There's no way I could be on my feet that long.   How these workers deal with some customers is amazing.

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I'd never work retail again. It makes you realie there are a lot of not nice people out there. Working retail does make you a nicer person though once you know what they have to put up with.

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Anything that would involve dealing with insects, specifically spiders, extreme heat is out also.

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I would not want to work as a farm laborer. That is back breaking. 

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I could never be a waitress.  Not just because of my bad back and memory, but because of the rude customers.  I'd get tossed out my first day.  My nieces waitressed during college and I was appalled by their horror stories of nasty people and those who leave a little change or no tip on the table after being demanding and rude.

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I could never work in a Funeral Home.

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I could never work in a Funeral Home.

I could never clean portable toilets...I can’t even go in one(pun intend3d)

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I'm always job hunting, recently I saw one to


clean up crime scene


part of the requirements: strong stomach



I could not do that  Woman Sad