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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

@PamfromCT - No, I'm not doubting your story but I was really interested to see the "As Is" item (to figure out how you could've ended up with it) and couldn't find anything.


Also, in the one presentation I saw they said the ring was "new".  To me, that means it's never been offered before; clearly it doesn't mean the same thing to them because the item number you gave is obviously the exact, same ring.  (Maybe it wasn't offered in white gold before?)


Given all of that, you were absolutely right to insist on being given the "As Is" price, if you were willing to accept that ring.  I'd take the advice of another poster and get it valued, however.


And I've never had anything delivered with that speed from QVC; quite the opposite!  Maybe it was because it was so expensive and needed to be signed for?


I'm sorry that the way I worded things sounded less than kind.  It was late and I should've waited to post.  You sound like you have a wonderful husband and family and I wish you the very best on your 50th wedding anniversary.  Quite an accomplishment!  Woman Happy

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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

@Venezia, I forgot to specifically add your name to my reply, as I believe I have answered all your questions, as well as a question from several others.

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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

@PamfromCT wrote:

Well, the plot thickens.  My DH returned from all his errands and shopping.  He called QVC, and the rep he spoke with agreed that we should be billed for an "As Is" watch.  she credited our card for the difference.  He explained the whole scenario, and she did not need to be convinced.  Go figure.


On a funny note, he had multiple copies of our wedding picture made to hand out at the party.  We both agreed we looked exactly the same, except he now is wearing glasses, and I now have a different hairstyle.  Love is indeed blind.

  I would still take it to the jeweler and have it check out...who knows what you may have stated above "as is"  watch...I thought it was a ring?


Happy Anniversary too,  we celebrated our 50th in May....seems it was just a couple of years ago when we were in our 20's, LOL!

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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

I'm not a big fan of jewelry outside of earrings.   While I agree QVC shows many beautiful jewelry items, there is no way I would order any of it.   I choose to buy from a local jeweler, in order to have that personal satisfaction guaranteed experience.   The jewelry shows are wasted on me.   

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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

Happy Anniversary, @PamfromCT!  May you and your husband enjoy many more wonderful, love-filled years together!!  

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Re: What Has Happened to QVC?

There seems to be mistakes being made early in the season.  I ordered two products the same day from the same vendor and they were shipped out together.  One product is missing in action.  QVC was extremely kind and shipped it out again the next day.  Sorry you are upset and it is probably best that you return the ring.  You can always write to corporate regarding the incidentCat Very Happy

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