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Re: Rant - technology is not going to go away.

@house_cat wrote:

My husband's friend was just here for the last two hours.  He's much younger than we are - 45 years old.  He's a smart man, yet completely computer illiterate.  I've set up email for him twice already and helped him out of numerous iPhone quagmires. Today I had to help him fill out an online application for employment disability - he's having hernia surgery.


He says he wants nothing to do with it all, but he has three grown daughters who communicate with him through text and photos, so he does need to have a phone.  I don't understand why some otherwise intelligent people think they can ignore technology.  Do they think it's going to go away?


My mom retired at 60 years old and one of the reasons was that they changed the entire office system and brought in computers.  She had no interest in learning it and I think for that reason, her employer was happy to see her go.


She never learned to log into a computer or use email.  She lived 31 years after retirement, in which time technology changed a lot.  I think she missed out by not embracing it. My dad on the other hand loved to learn new things. I think it is partly why his cognitive functioning never declined until his dying day. 


I spoke to my 89 year old aunt last weekend. When I called, I asked her if I was interrupting anything.  She said, "No, sweetie, I was just watching Perry Como on YouTube".  💕 


You sound like a very good friend @house_cat. 💕


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Re: Rant - technology is not going to go away.

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@house_cat ....I sort of understand your friend....sometimes I feel the same way, but I do enjoy learning new things so I have self taught all the programs I use on my computer (graphics as well) work.


I do not have a smart phone because I am 'afraid' of them, ha, ha!!  I have no one to help me...your friend should really, really appreciate you.



@Mom2Dogs   I did have a couple of people who could have helped me when I got my iPhone, but I didn't need them.  The salesman at AT&T showed me a few things, and I Googled the rest.

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