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I went to Kohl's this morning to exchange some shirts that I bought for my granddaughter for Christmas.  Geez she now needs a women's medium, mostly for the length.  She's taller than me now!  

Anywho, the store is in a little shopping plaza.  There's a traffic light for entering and leaving the plaza.  On one corner is a gas station where I always see an elderly gentleman that looks to be in his late seventies.  He uses a walker where he attached a "Homeless - need spare change" sign and a plastic bag that looks to be holding his few belongings.  He's been on that corner for a few years now, anytime of year, in blazing heat to bitter cold.
As I waited for the light to turn green, I really looked at his weathered face.  I could be wrong, but he just doesn't appear to be a drug addict or alcoholic.  I've never given him money before, but today he got to me.  I quickly grabbed my wallet, reached to hand him a ten dollar bill and wished him Happy New Year.  He struggled to get his walker over the curb, and then looked me in the eye to say thank you as he accepted the offering.
This post is not intended for getting hearts, kudos or reprimands.  I just hope that anyone that reads this remembers to count their blessings as this gentleman today reminded me to do.  
Wishing all of you a healthy and Happy New Year!
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I love what you wrote here. Sometimes our heart guides us and yes we must count our blessings everyday. Happy New Year @LdyBugz 

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Well, I am jaded and will never give cash to panhandlers anymore. There have been times where some have been followed after a day's "work" and they have gotten into nice cars and driven to a nice home. They earn more money an hour, tax free,than I'll ever make an hour.


Someone doing this for years, as you said in your post, is most likely not homeless... for years mind you. People don't last very long being homeless, truly, for years. Just my opinion.


How can I be so heartless? Because in most communities there are services and churches etc. that are available to help. People who are homeless, usually choose it rather than have to follow the rules that the help require. I know this to be true as I have personally known two who abided the rules to get help and they got a lot of help.

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@LdyBugz  - I've done the same thing.  I always feel bad for them.  

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@LdyBugz  Thank you


I would have done the same thing. My Mom did the same thing whenever we went out shopping as a kid. She always gave money or food to people she saw needed it. 


I figure the money I give them is more needed by them than by me. And I hate the idea of anyone being hungry. That is why I am so pleased a bunch of neighbors got together and started a Go Fund Me for a homeless guy in the area. They got quite a response both in money and needed supplies. And apparently Salvation Army is working to get him housing.


Thanks for helping the old man. 

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Thank you for listening to your heart and may your generosity bless you. 

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I strive to always count my blessings and I pray for those who are not fortunate to have any to count.

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Where I live, the professional panhandlers are delivered to certain intersections in a white van.  They hold signs asking for money all day until they are picked up in the evening by the white van.

I have no idea where the money that is given to them goes.  I just make sure my windows are up and my doors locked when I travel to this city.  I never donate to them.


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Thank you for what you did,


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Once I felt sad for a 'homeless veteran' panhandling on the exit ramp with a sign wanting 'food'.


Instead of giving him cash, because I didn't want to contribute to any kind of 'habit, I went to a Subway right by the exit and bought him a footlong with the most meat, chicken & add ons, thinking he could pick off anything that he didn't want.


I circled around and went off that exit again and gave it to him.


I looked in my rear view mirror as I was leaving, just in time to see him toss it into the bushes nearby, while I was hoping/expecting to see a smile on his face.....



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