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Now that my bathroom is done, well almost, the plumber is here but I am ready to move on to another project, I am only in the thinking stage.


Our master is pretty big, there is a sitting area and a bedroom area, the room runs the length of the house.  I painted it blue about 9 years ago, hated the color and I want to repaint.  The master bath is in beige tones, if that matters.  The doors are stained a dark brown 2 doors (one that leads into the room and one that is for the bathroom) , and 4 closet doors...those colors will not change.  


I am thinking about painting the moulding the same color as the walls.  I did that in the bathroom and really liked the look.  My ceilings are just standard 8ft.


If anyone has painted and love, love, love the color I am open to opinions and hearing what colors you liked for a bedroom.


The house is traditional.  Thanks so much.

I have looked on line but am interested in forum friends are always full of opinions and helpful.

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You could go with a dusty rose or a cafe au lait color both would work well with your bathroom

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I've used green in my bedroom twice (different houses) and love it. It's called Cliveden Grey Morning from Lowe's.  I have white trim and the colors work together.  My bath is attached to the bedroom and is done is beige and white.  The colors make me happy.

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 What colors make you feel calm, relaxed  and match your favorite bedding ?

 I'd go to the paint store and pick what makes me feel good and the buy a small sample to paint a swatch on my walls . The amt of light your room receives can influence how you  see the color.

I would suggest you paint the  crown molding the color of the walls esp if you have crown molding and want the walls to look higher.


Not sure what color blue you used , but lighter colors are easier to paint  over  if you change your mind.  Since your bath is natural  beige tones  then maybe a light peach color or a warm beige ? Happy color hunting.

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It's a bit difficult to suggest a color without knowing a few things about the room.  Do you have carpeting and if so what is the color?  Do you have draperies, blinds or shutters on your windows and what are the colors?  How about your bedding?


I'm all for painting the baseboards the same color as the walls.  Since your bathroom is in beige tones at least that will not be a problem.  Whatever color you paint the bedroom walls can be carried into the bathroom with towels , pictures and/or other items you use in that room.

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My one suggestion is since you have dark stained doors and 8' ceilings, I'd keep the wall color light and bright. Furniture dark wood or light stained? Carpet color? Lots of natural light from windows? All figures into your decision.

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There are three windows in the room, and the furniture is a dark stain. Carpet is light.  I am leaning toward a light color, not beige.  I recently painted the bathroom in a light color beige, don't remember the name,  which I like since it is a big difference from what I had but, I know I will miss color on the walls if I go with a beige, so it's just deciding on what color.

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I LOVE "Dover White" by Sherwin Williams.  It's the perfect vanilla and the background for all of the color I use such as a red couch.

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My master bathroom still has the bisque tile, tub and toilet.  This color works well with it.  Benjamin Moore Texas Rose.  It's more rose in the morning and more terracotta at night.


I was going to pair it with Chatsworth Cream and at the last minute decided to keep everything a neutral white.  My bedspread in this photo is an antique/off white/cream.




Texas Rose.jpg


Chatsworth Cream



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OP--what colors speak to you? Is there a favorite item in your bedroom has the colors you love and feel happy about?    My inspiration for my whole upstairs re- construction,  is from my 33 year old linoleum floors in my kitchen----I know!!! sounds totally weird and strange but---------the colors are grey and beige and a combo of the two--griege and creamy tan---so that is what I matched my paint,  carpets, tile and flooring too. Was a huge surprise that I really like that floor myself----Now mind you if I could re do my kitchen--that floor is history-----but I have a peice of it in my decor box to go off from.