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Re: How much time do you give someone?

@Jo1313 wrote:

I called someone on Friday to get some outside work done.


He called me later on Friday to say he had to check his schedule.,,Being that it was a holiday weekend..


How long would you wait for a response

before calling someone else?


I left him another message today..I can wait to get the work done but I need to know if he is interested in doing it.

@Jo1313    You left another message the day after the 4th holiday.


I don't think it is unreasonable that he did not call back the same day you left the message.


He may be catching up with other unfinished jobs and he may just be getting back to work after a long week-end.


I think the long week-end is the hold up so you have two choices:


1.  Leave one more message and if you do not hear by the end of the day:


2. Start looking for somebody else.


You did say the job can wait so you have to decide if the quality/price matters more than the wait.

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Re: How much time do you give someone?

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Last count the other day, 4 days.  Not an emergency, guess I go by that.  The greater the need we have, the less time I seem to be patient on a response.  Normally, I'm pretty patient.


Now I do keep in mind, many places are still short-handed.  I don't want someone thrown into a job to do if they don't have a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing.  I've seen a bit of that going on too.  Trying to be patient.