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Hang onto your boot straps because from here on.........well I'm not even going to say it.

Well okay I will but will be gentle with this news.......every month or so something new will crop up. For the most part just little things that will make you say "oh cr*p now what" but that's the way it is.





Have no idea what age group you fall, and as a man, I know better than to ask.


What I will say is this. Something "every month or so" is not true for many of us. I have many friends, both genders(I think today there are still only 2  but?) that are my age, 81, or older.


I will say that most of them have been active all, or most of their adult lives. I don't mean walking or gardening or cleaning house. I mean active as in competing/playing single sports/team sports and other aerobic and anaerobic activities. 


One of them is older than myself and is ice skating after her Right TKR surgery. An ache here and ache there? Sure, but something consequential? Nope. 


The ones I meet ice skating with knee issues are primarily the ones that over the years did little to nothing to take care of the muscles and connecting tissues that are the primary support of the knee joints. Sure some suffered injuries, and that is a completely different scenario.


My arthritic fingers bother me every day, especially upon waking. Some days I have to run hot water over them to open them. Nothing new there as those are remnants of my years of factory work lifting 200-300 of the 60-80lbs reels of phone wire, using only 3 fingers on each hand. 


Just wanted to dispute your ending saying "that's the way it is"! Maybe for you, but definitely not for everyone that reaches a certain age. 




Sorry about your fingers....! Woman Sad

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@hckynut   Hi John: Finished w/ PT as of last week and no restrictions. I do have my own exercises to do at home to keep those muscles strongs...different ones to "hit" the various areas around the shoulder.  I started lifting light weights today...noain, but I'm going slow and easy. Stay well and safe. 

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@hckynut   I had a slight ankle injury in college (gymnastics related). The doc wanted to give a cortisone shot, but my coach said "No Way!". 

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My doc is hesitant to give cortisone shots...believes they lead to or worsen arthritis. I've done some research and that could be an issue. 






My friend the Orthopod will not give more than 1 cortisone shot in any seriously injured joint. Why? Because while it eases, or eliminates pain, it can actually weaken joints and connective tissues.


I asked him this when I had 1 cortisone shot in my left shoulder. This injury was caused  by my occupation, and shoulder separation. I am left with my left shoulder bursitis.


He told me 1 shot "is it"  for me. He called it an answer we both know. "Cortisone in most cases, treats a symptom, does not eliminate the source".






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Sorry to read of your shoulder pain. You may want to try hooking your bra in front and spinning/twisting the hooks around to the back and then pulling up the straps. I started doing it this way when arthritis made it too painful to reach around my back. Hoope this helps.


@poco09   Problem solved. I purchased a few front hook bras at Kohl's...I also wear my sports bra that hooks up the front. TMI...could get by without wearing a bra at all. LOL

The makers of bras should all use front hooks...they must be designed by! Woman Very Happy

@emmygrace   LOL  If male designers had to wear half of the unfortable clothing they design for us, well....Hmmm, a woman designed shapewear, right?

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@hckynut   Hi John: Finished w/ PT as of last week and no restrictions. I do have my own exercises to do at home to keep those muscles strongs...different ones to "hit" the various areas around the shoulder.  I started lifting light weights today...noain, but I'm going slow and easy. Stay well and safe. 


Hello,  I just caught up on various threads, so I’m *bumping up* 

here....naughty naughty!


Anyway, you sound very similar to me as far as activities go.


I still jog a couple miles 4 days week,  in bad weather I jump on my Urban Rebounder.  Don’t laugh! That trampoline is worth every cent (about $100)

and so much fun!   It gets my heart rate up and I’m inside watching TV.


I also jump rope outside if there’s no/light wind.  Another very fun

cardio routine. Of course, it’s only fun when I’m listening to Michael

Jackson at the same time!


I have a set of hiking sticks, with the strap handles, which I rarely use.

They do help you keep a steady pace and on icy streets they are a life-saver.  Actually, I plain forget to use them!


Anyway, I say all this to say.....I have no health issues.

No joint pain, no surgeries, no heart medicines, etc.


My routine is simple “real foods” and about a dozen various vitamins/supplements which I feel are beneficial for me,

(Immune system, etc.)


Oh but I definitely KNOW I’m not 40 anymore!

My jogging DISTANCE/Frequency has diminished.


My determination, dedication and *compulsion* has also 



The cold weather is actually a consideration in wether or not I 

jog/jump rope outside......and it never used to be. at 63 I DO feel like I’m *Falling Apart*, but it’s mainly 

in my appearance that I  can see the differences,,,

Im considering a bit of Botox/fillers,


my main concern is:



omg....gravity not only makes us shorter in height, it’s pulling my face down!  lol

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Getting old isn't for sissies.  


I've noticed that last year or so that I can't do mow or plow snow as easily as I used to.  I'm 67, work out & walk daily, and it is what it is. I'm just glad I can still do all the things I want but might have to take a break on occasion.


As my 89 year old dad says, "You're not a spring chicken anymore."  Smiley Happy

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I think it has to do with heredity, and genes.  The waiting rooms when we use to go, seemed to have a fair share of my age group and we are in the "pressing our luck" age group, if you get what I mean.  LOL